Crossing Lines: William Fichtner Exits Ahead Of Season 3, Goran Visnjic & Elizabeth Mitchell Join As New Regulars

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William Fichtner - Crossing Lines (ALT)UPDATED: Crossing Lines is losing its lead actor.

William Fichtner, who played former NYPD Detective turned ICC Investigator Carl Hickman, is exiting the Tandem Communications produced drama, which was recently renewed for a 12 episode third season by TF1 and Sony Pictures Television Networks, Deadline reports.

Created and developed by Edward Allen Bernero and Rola Bauer, Crossing Lines is set in exotic locations and taps into the charter of the International Criminal Court to investigate serialized cross-border crimes and to hunt down global criminals.

Visnjic-MitchellTo fill the void left by Fichtner, Goran Visnjic (Extant) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Revolution, Once Upon A Time) have joined the cast of Crossing Lines for the new season. Also joining as regulars this season are Stuart Martin and Naomi Battrick. Returning cast members include Donald Sutherland, Lara Rossi and Tom Wlaschiha. TVWise has also confirmed that original cast members Marc Lavoine, Richard Flood and Gabriella Pession are also exiting the show ahead of season three.

The show’s third season is set six months after the season two finale, in which Major Louis Daniel (Marc Lavoine) was shot. Michel Dorn (Donald Sutherland) has to bring the team back together, with new additions Marco Corazza (Visnjic) and Carine Strand (Mitchell), after one of his prosecutors goes missing.

SpotnitzIn addition to the cast shake up, there are also some changes being made behind the scenes. Frank Spotnitz, whose production company Big Light has a first look deal with Tandem, has joined the series as executive producer/showrunner, replacing co-creator Ed Bernero who exited last season. Co-creator and Tandem executive Rola Bauer also serves as executive producer.

Crossing Lines originally aired on NBC in the United States, however, as TVWise exclusively revealed, the network opted not to pick up the second season. Netflix subsequently took streaming rights to the first two seasons in the US and are expected to air season three. Amazon Prime Instant Video holds first run rights to the series in the UK, while UKTV’s Alibi channel recently acquired the linear broadcast rights.

  • Popeye13

    Any news on if Richard Flood & Gabriella Pession will also be returning?

    (Also, having huge issues loading Disqus through Chrome!)

    • Hard to say – Tandem wouldn’t confirm the status of any cast members beyond those mentioned above.

      – Thanks for raising the Disqus issue with Chrome, will have our team look into it asap.

      • Popeye13

        Thanks! Suppose that’s under wraps for the series opener then!!

        And thanks for having a look at the Disqus issue.

    • Sandra

      Well they did have a child together so they may decide to leave the show and focus on their family. They were my two favourite characters so that would be sad but I am happy for them.

      • Samantha

        yeah… that’s true. Still Tommy and Eva were my favourite couple. Richard Flood being Irish…. wooo. Had no idea they were together in real life, till I went online and read stuff. Five years they knew each other and tied the knot a few months ago??? With a bambino in tow???

  • Chris

    No Louis, no Tommy, no Eva, no Hickman … why are they leaving? I hope the show can maintain it’s international appeal, but don’t really hold out much hope. The only replacement I’m familiar with is the actor from Extant. I hope this is a better vehicle for him.

  • Cathy Thomson

    Wow, I’ve just seen the S2 finale. Can’t believe Louis was killed and things aren’t looking good for Eva either. Losing four cast members in one go is a big hit for a series to take. Thrilled Sebastian will be back as he’s my favourite. Haven’t seen Goran Visjnic since ER. He’s a good actor so hopefully his presence will keep the series strong. Looking forward to S3.

  • Anna

    I only watched for sexy William Fichtner. Hope he’s in something else soon.

  • Shelagh McDonagh

    I cant believe that one of the best ensemble of actors in Crossing
    Lines 1&2 have lost 4 of their major talents. The reason I loved
    this show was the diversity of the characters and they weren’t all the
    usual Hollywood types. The beautiful settings in Europe, the team were
    exceptional and when I heard there would be a season three I was
    delighted! That was until I saw that nearly all the original cast will
    not be in it. No Louis, no Tommy, no Eva, no Hickman, Instead
    now we are going to get the same old faces that seem to be in
    everything, what I loved about 1&2 were the international talent and now we
    have the same old crew ex lost, ex V, ex ER and all the other usual mediocre talent. I will give season three a chance but I
    cannot imagine it will come close to the 1&2, I hope I am pleasantly surprised but I doubt it. Perfection ruined once more.

    • Marta Komosienski

      I am watching Crossing Lines on Netflix and just started the 3rd season… Could not agree more with you, now suddenly they find all those American agents living in Europe! Big loss!!!

    • Diane Hayes

      No chemistry between actors. Only needed 1 American & they find one with no charisma

    • Elmo Harris

      We are half way through season three. We loved season one and two. We have fallen asleep a couple of times during season three. Except for Sutherland and the other two cast members from season one and two, these new cast members suck. It’s not just the boring actors, it’s the boring script and bad directing. Tonight, we decided that our time is too valuable to waste watching another run of the mill cop show. Like all the actors who left the show, and probably the writers, we are exiting and moving on.

    • Lori Lemmons Harvey

      Totally agree. I won’t continue watching this show now. Season 1-2 characters were great. The blond chick in season 3 has been in so many shows and is aggravating to watch. The ruined the show!

    • stnc

      What I couldn’t understand was *the how and why* all but one of the original stars have left by the end of season 2. The explanation and story lines were vague and confusing, was the during a *writers strike ? So what was it bad blood or money?

  • DaBruinz

    There has been too much turnover. One of the things that made this show great was the lesser known actors/actresses who were getting good face time. Now 5 of the original characters are gone if you include Moon Dailly.. And, from the looks of it, Elsa Mollien (Louis’ wife) who just started back at the ICC, is gone as well..

    It’s going to be nearly impossible for them to keep the integrity of the show,..

    • Leslie Chartier

      Totally agree. They should have closed up shop. The first two seasons were fantastic but the cast and character development were a major force behind its artistic success. I won’t be watching season 3 or after.

      • 10liltoes

        What the hell happened in Season 2 episode 10 when the French guy died, but what happened to the Italian girl who was ”chasing ghosts” (her father whom she thought was dead). It showed Donald Sutherland going into her hotel room and sitting on the bed, but it didn’t show anything or say what happened to her. Really disjointed episode. And what you said, about the characters, maybe that is why it hasn’t been renewed for a season 4.

        • Leslie Chartier

          It’s funny I just tried one more time to watch a different episode of season 3 – to give it one more shot to see if it was watchable. Got 6 minutes in and had to shut it off. It is truly horrible.

          • 10liltoes

            I do like Goran Visnjic, but I don’t think he can fix a crappy show, and I bet there will be no season 4. The first season started out good. Too bad, I liked all the different locations ——————————————–

        • Maya Quinto

          Sutherland’s face clearly reflected horror and sorrow. I think the hotelier must have told him Eva “went UP twenty minutes ago,” not “went OUT” as I originally thought.

          Now Louis doesn’t wear a kevlar vest, so dies, Eva, I guess, got murdered by the ghost [her father?], Hickman goes back to NYC [at least his character got a good ending], and Tommy, well, who knows, I guess he got fired for protecting his brother for the tiger mask incident in the bank.

          The writing in the first two seasons was spotty at times, but they had a wonderful cast, and there was a warmth, a family feeling.

          Now all that is changed, even the location of the ICC investigation unit [which is now exponentially larger], and both Caucasian women are blondes from USA and Britain.

          Goran Visjnik is as cute as anything, and I liked the beginning of his character’s storyline, but the humanity in the rest of the show seems lost. The only thing holding that together are Sutherland and Stefan, and Arabella, who’s been a bit of a cipher for a while, but at least is a person of color!

          Why didn’t they get the actor who played Chief Inspector Lennon to join the ICC in Season 3? Really a missed opportunity for some character conflict between him and Sutherland’s character, and he was brilliant!

          • 10liltoes

            I love Goran Visjnik too, I was married to a Yugoslav, (he was Slovene, Visjnik is Serbian). Okay, so some of that makes sense. It seemed like her father faked his death, she found him, and he was just a heartless bastard, and killed her. From the way she talked about her father, he didn’t seem to have any scruples anyway. Even the first season, they killed off quite a few good cast members. I think that US blonde was in the Canadian tv series “Cracked” (I could be wrong) which I loved and they cancelled that too.

          • Franjka Lukac Gibbs

            Actually Goran is not Serbian he is Croatian and I don’t ever recall him identifying as Yugoslav. if you were married to a Yugoslav you should know the difference.

    • Irene Serrano

      I Agee. It was to difficult for me to get into the 3rd Season. I was very disappointed.

  • Aymara Contreras

    Ok… good bye bye crossing lines…
    Louis is too obvious.. but Tommy and Eva too? wtf!

  • Leave Comments

    I am watching season three now. It is good, and the replacements are good except for Elizabeth Mitchell who is the most wooden actress ever. Which I realized when she played the snow queen on OUAT. I was shocked when they killed Marc Lavoine off in season two but I had no idea Willam Fichtner would leave too. That bums me out. He was a unique personality on the team. I feel like this has become more mainstream cop show vs. the truly unique kind of cool international show it felt like before. I am sad.

    • NWBill

      I disagree about Mitchell. She’s one of those actresses who has mastered the ability to project through looks and physical clues what she’s thinking in a show; she’s SUBTLE, which in her new role is a plus ….having been given command of the new team in place of Marc Lavoine. I loved Lavoine, but his speech and language patterns were hard for non-Europeans to follow; Mitchell’s Carine Strand is much easier to follow as she gives orders and directions to her team. Makes things easier to follow (for an American, at least). The other new actors are great fits, and very interesting to watch. So far, in this new season, I’d say the new team is every bit as good as the old ….and even better in some ways. It would have been nice for Fitchner to stick around (he and Mitchell would have been interesting to watch together), but Goran Visnic’s detective ably fills in.

      All in all, the show – with Spotnitz as runner – just picked up where it left off. I’m so glad it wasn’t cancelled; the idea of a group of cops handling cross-border crimes is fascinating.

      • Moorsalone

        Where are you watching season 3? I’ve checked all the listings and the Internet but I can’t find the show on any network or Netflix or Hulu or Amazon!

        • ihatework1

          Netflix has season 3 as of 2/21/16

      • Maya Quinto

        I loved Lavoine too, and especially Fichtner, and I didn’t find Lavoine’s accent that hard to understand. I don’t care much for Mitchell but have only seen the first ep of Season 3. I’m debating about watching more. I don’t like the new look much, and am not feeling as much from the new actors [except Visjnik] as I did from the previous cast.

        A big loss, IMHO. I hope they at least answer the questions: who was The Ghost Eva was chasing? Why did he kill her [I presume]? How is Hickman doing in NYC? What happened to Tommy in the end? What a rotten wind-up to Season 2.

        • Patricia Hamilton

          Hiya just finished watching the pilot for season three yeap completely agree someone somewhere should be getting fired for taking a potentially brilliant storyline with characters we have come to know and fight in their corner and well long story short bloody well ruined it and to boot in my eyes one of the inherently most explanations of who where what why in tv history Yep this Wee Scot is switching off 😴

        • Susan Alfieri

          all in my family disappointed in the loss of this wonderful ensemble unit, trying to fathom the lack of ‘Eva’ demise visibility .. perhaps it lacked conclusion in case she was available to re-appear in later episodes .. fast losing interest!

      • Lori Lemmons Harvey

        I’m American and I followed his speech fine. He was great. Season 1-2 were awesome. Season 3 is common crap. I loved the actors/characters in the first two seasons.

      • IlliniDave68

        I’m also American and also had no problem understanding what Mr. Lavoine was saying.

    • maxwellsq

      Are you in America? On what channel are you watching season 3?

      • ihatework1

        Netflix as of 2/21/16 has it

    • sweetpea

      Mitchell is horrible, but the other young blonde is bad as well.

      • Maya Quinto

        But they’re both blonde, you have to give them that. Seems to be a major requirement for females on TV.

  • Invincible

    I enjoyed this series because of the diversity of the characters. I liked that I wasn’t familiar with them, their accents and the overall relationship between the characters. However, this season is absolutely lacking in all of the things I originally liked, everyone sounds English . I was expecting the new season to mention or show the reason the original cast disbanded but alas we got just one sentence with no substance. I don’t understand what lines they are crossing in this season since almost all of them sound like them come from the same place.
    I hope it picks up and I hope it does so quickly.

  • John Strika

    Ugh. I just discovered this show on Netflix and have been binge watching since I got injured at work with nothing to do. I’m disgusted there’s going to be no Hickman, Tommy or Eva. I understand casting turnover but this is a tad too much at one time. I have season 3 on my computer and will still watch it but I don’t have high expectations.

    • DGA

      I’m watching Season 3 now, on episode 6. It’s so-so, not nearly as good as the first two seasons. The characters are pretty meh compared to the original cast. I normally don’t mind Elizabeth Mitchell but she is not good in this series.

    • Nanci Milone Hill

      I might not even have minded so much if they had EXPLAINED what happened at the end of season 2. They just left all those story lines out there.

      • Maya Quinto

        OMG, they never explain the loose ends? AGGGHHH! Maybe I’ll just skip it then.

  • Kay

    What’s worse then the fact the cast has been gutted, is that by the accounts of anyone watching the third season so far….there is no explanation. And it doesn’t look like they intend to give one. They did it with Ann Marie, too. All these loose ends fluttering about and I’m supposed to just forget, invest in new characters, and hope they don’t do the same thing?

    Now I can make assumptions to why Hickman and Tommy left, but I shouldn’t have to assume.

    Season 4 of Luther is *finally* on. I’ll just go watch episode one of that.

  • José J. Herring

    Just finished Season 2 on Netflix. The show was just getting started really and now most of the cast is mia for season 3. There comes a time when a show just runs its course and unfortunately, though I enjoyed the show, I won’t be looking for season 3.

  • Fred Bartholemew

    I do not like the cast for Season 3. Netflix is instead showing the original cast on their ads for Season 3 and that is fraudulent advertising. I almost signed up for Netflix again but I knew or thought that Marc Lavoine had been killed off (of course they can bring anyone back). I checked the new cast and just do not like most of them. The original cast had a chemistry that seemed to work very well.

    • Pat Martinez

      OMG, seriously? “Fraudulent advertising?”

  • sweetpea

    Really bummed about the cast changes for Season 3, this was another excellent show that should NOT have been screwed with….. I watched the first episode last night and ho hum…. didn’t make me want to watch the second!

    • Nanci Milone Hill

      Does anybody know WHY the original cast left? I’m so very disappointed.

      • I’d like to know too! I binged watched two seasons within the week and suddenly I see all these new faces (and intro music, etc) for season 3?? I’m not sure I want to continue watching because there were so many loose ends left from the season 2 finale..I hope I don’t waste my time watching season 3 if we won’t be given any answers on Eva’s father/Hickman confronting Tommy about “the tiger”/did they catch the lady who shot Louis??

        • Maya Quinto

          A shame, innit.

  • Native New Yorker

    I watched the first episode of Season 3…what a let down. There should have been some explanation as to the departure of so many members of the team. Not impressed with the new actors nor the direction. Too bad, it was a great series.

  • Michael Willems

    I am watching season three now. This show went from 8/10 to 5/10 with these absurd changes. It really is a dumb American show now (sorry, my American friends). Sad.

    • Skye Rose

      I hear you, Michael. I am American and what I loved about the first 2 seasons was the European flavor. The accents, the different cultural biases. It was interesting how the women in Europe are so different from the women in America. I loved that Crossing Lines was more about Europe than America. I loved that the writing was not American. And I liked seeing different European locales. I will start season 3 tonight. Just finished the last episode of season 2 last night. I watch it on Netflix. I just hope you are wrong that it is mostly American flavor now. I can get that on NCIS. I don’t want it on Crossing Lines. I like the European touch.

      • Michael Willems

        Interesting to see what you think. In any case, it’s still worth watching, of course, if only because of Donald Sutherland.

        • Skye Rose

          Well, last night we watched 3 episodes for season 3. The new team still is not gelling together like the original team. I will give it some more time for them to flesh out their characters. Donald Sutherland (Dorn) is trying to hold it together. Lara Rossi (Arabela) is doing an excellent job and I am very glad to see her still on the show. But Tom Wlaschiha (Sebastian) seems to be having a harder time working with the new characters. And Elizabeth Mitchell is having a difficult time being a leader. She hasn’t found her rhythm yet (in the first 3 episodes). I do see that if this team is allowed to stay and not get killed off too soon that Crossing Lines might be a really good show again. Only more episodes will tell. One of the problems I believe is in the writing. The producer (and a co-founder of this tv-show) that left was a former cop and he knew how cops acted. It seems that this new producer is not so great at this, so the characters seem a little lost at how to be a cop. Lots of problems to work out. I also don’t like the opening music theme, but I suppose it will bring in younger viewers. My grandson, 15, started headbanging when he heard the music. Turns out that part of liking a show for me is the music. I don’t like the music, but I know that will also grow on me over time. I really like the concept of this show, so I am hoping we will get more seasons. And I don’t want it to lose its European flavor, tho it already has. Perhaps they can bring that back. I am not interested in an American show set in European locales. It is just too trite. I want a European show set in European locales. Then it would flow more organically and have more authenticity. Hopefully, the powers that be understand this.

          • Douglas Erb

            I totally agree with the obscure ending of season 2 and the fact nothing was explained. i will say though that for the first two seasons, I really only liked William Fichtner and Tom Wlaschiha. Tom stayed on and is growing into his character but the loss of William was a huge blow to the show. I am half way through season 3 and the new people are growing on me. I’ve liked Goran Visnjic since MI 5 (aka Spooks)(and if I could make a suggestion to the PTB – if really wanted this show to succeed, should have gotten as many of the behind the scenes people of MI 5 as you could). I don’t care for the female characters but not sure why except they all seem to either walking around in a fog or unsure of their roles. Hopefully it will get picked up again, I think the locales and ‘idea’ of the show are worth investing watching time in, we shall see.

          • Cyn Mackley

            I agree. I could cope with turnover if there was some explanation as to what the heck happened. Especially since they left us with cliffhangers for Eva and Tommy’s knowledge of his brother’s involvement in the bank robbery.

      • Maya Quinto

        I liked all these same things, which seem to be missing [as of Ep 1 of Season 3]. They are also using the cool blue palette that every other demmed show is using, so the warmth is lost.

        Not to mention the warmth and chemistry between the original set of actors. Drat!

  • Pat Martinez

    Late to the discussion – discovered Crossing Lines on Netflix and am really getting peeved with it. It’s not that there’s “too much” turnover, it’s that there’s CONSTANTLY too much turnover. Sheesh, how many members of the time do they have to kill off? And, in so doing, how do they expect to keep any kind of fan base?

    Makes a person wonder what’s going on behind the scenes that drives the cast off in droves.

    • numpty

      Worked pretty well for Spooks on the BBC. One of the best things about it was that they weren’t afraid to kill off major characters even part-way through a series… whenever they started a storyline, you never knew who was going to make it to the end.

  • Usergnome

    Massive unexplained cast changes. New characters weakly drawn. Feh.

  • Beverly Murray

    Just started to watch Season 3 and I am so upset.. this is not anything like the first 2. The 2nd one left you with so much wondering about what happen and this one just went into another show completely. I watched 3 episodes and wont watch anymore.. it is not anything like the others. Very sad.

    • Michael Willems

      I am glad I am not the only one who thought that.

  • CD Morrissy

    I watched 15 minutes of season 3, ep. 1 and said ***K THIS, I’m done with this show; it died in season 2.

  • WayToRuinAGreatShow

    WTF happened to the cast? Absurd.

  • jmack619 .

    sorry … broken.. fix it netflix … shares will go up john m subscriber and shareholder netflix
    maybe they will do a system reset for season 4

  • Joanee

    It’s unfair to its fans to leave us hanging. There must be a financial reason. Maybe this cast is cheaper.

  • Melanie Oliver

    It is a shame I didn’t read these comments before I invested myself in it. Watching first episode of season 3. Not impressed unfortunately.

  • Fred Weatherly

    The cast change puts an end to a really good show. The new characters are not as interesting.

  • Tracy Thompson

    I agree with everybody Season 1 & 2 of Crossing Lines awesome now we just need to get them to bring original cast back by petition or something….

  • Kaileigh A. Tara

    I just started watching season 3 on Netflix and WTF doesn’t even cover it. This is a completely different show. I agree about the blonds, Americans… what I loved was the mix of cultures and backgrounds and locations. They ruined the show. Period. First Sienna, then Ann Marie, it was too much loss as it is. So disgusted!!

  • LaTda2u

    Run and shoot; shoot and run. I find gun battle so boring and monotonous. There seems to be a lot of gun battles season 3. What was interesting and exotic is now procedural and mundane. Hope it gets better. I miss the season 2 cast. Why do successful shows always kill off their leads?

  • Lori Lemmons Harvey

    I don’t like the changes at all! The original group in seasons one and two are great! Why do the producers always do this crap, ruins the show!

  • Rebecca Creel Merriman

    Wow! just got into Crossing Lines and Bam!, they screwed it up. Season 3 literally sucks. No chemistry, no story lines, wooden acting. Not for me anymore.

  • Honey Henderson

    I really think it bad form to have left us all hanging where Eva and Tommy were concerned. Season 2 finale was a real cliffhanger for me. I loved Hickman, but understand if he needed to be replaced. What I do not understand is why the writers did not finish the season properly or at least start the third season with any answers as to what happened. A real bummer, not to mention totally unprofessional.

  • Trish Roes Manselle

    I totally think they ruined the premise of the show and the characters by killing off too many people so quickly in season 1 and two. We were getting a chance to know a little bit about each of the characters backgrounds and how they could come together and form a team. They were starting to show bonds and there were intricacies about each character. Things from his or her past. Ccharacters need to grow and evolve so you can draw in the audience.
    In the first season two were killed immediately so we never got a chance to bond with them. The second season was a.massacre of the cast leaving the viewer feeling empty. Now we are at season 3 and it is like watching a whole new show. I can’t seem to get invested into any of the new characters. They’re not that interesting and you feel like you’re starting all over. So all the bonding that you had with the previous cast has been taken away. In my opinion that is why there were no further seasons. I think writers need to let their audience develop a sense and understanding of each character. Each actor/ actress needs time to devop the characters to make a show intriguing to watch. People have so many choices of what they can watch but what they’re really looking for is a good storyline good writing good acting characters that can relate to so that they really want to put on that TV and get invested in that show. I hope some will read this and it will get back to a writer or produce or somebody that will take heed and read the words and feel with the viewers thinking. I think it will help immensely in the creativity of the future programs we have yet to see. Thank you Trish manselle

  • Bernadette Y. Shaw

    They needed to have kept the original cast. It’s not as good without tthem.

  • Bernadette Y. Shaw

    Why in the world did they leave????. The show was outstanding ! Every time one works somebody screw sit up#

  • Stacie Sandall

    “Carine Strand” needs to knock off the 24/7 duck face before I throw a shoe at her head. It’s not sexy, Elizabeth Mitchell. I can’t unsee it. Now it’s all I see when your head is on the screen.

  • Cassie Wonderalke

    The end of season 2 left us hanging to only find out in season 3 that things had drastically changed and we were still left hanging. Decided not watch any longer. Extremely disappointing. I really liked the characters. Too bad they ruined a great show.

  • Beep Beppler

    I just saw the first season and I loved it….the second season on Netflix…not so great with all the new characters. The chemistry that was in the first season is missing. And if they continue the turnover I don’t see how the show could improve much less maintain it”s popularity.. However, I am curious as to why they all “jumped ship” when so many new “up and coming” stars would love to have had a chance at starting a career here. What started out as a great show has turned disappointing.