Fox Orders ‘Minority Report’ Pilot

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Fox has handed out a pilot order to Minority Report, an hour-long drama series which is a follow up to the Tom Cruise feature film of the same name.

Minority Report is set 10 years after the end of pre-crime in D.C. when one of the three pre-cogs struggles to lead a “normal” human life, but remains haunted by visions of the future. He meets a detective haunted by her past who just may help him find a purpose for his gift.

Minority Report was one of the hottest spec scripts floated this development season and after a bidding war between networks landed at Fox with a put pilot commitment in September. With the official pilot order, the project becomes one of the first that new Fox toppers Dana Walden and Gary Newman have picked up since taking the reins late last year.

The hour-long pilot was written by Godzilla scribe Max Borenstein, who serves as an executive producer alongside Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey. Kevin Falls has also boarded the project as executive producer and showrunner. Paramount Television and 20th Century Fox Television are producing.

  • Trapdoor

    FOX + Sci-Fi = Doomed before it begins. 🙁

    • CrimTV

      tell that to Fringe or The X Files

      • Trapdoor

        The X-Files: Fair enough. Fringe held on by a changing of the guard & the threat of Walter-knows-what turning up in their mail, to show protests, if cancelled. I also have to give them props for Dark Angel, which I would of liked to go further (but then would we have a different Anthony DiNozzo & Dean Winchester, if it had?). Hmmm, with that in mind: If TSCC hadn’t been cancelled, we wouldn’t have the Cersei we all love to hate & then the Joss Whedon ones would/could of effected a whole load of shows (Richard Castle, Jessica Pearson, Gadreel, Anya, Daniel Whitehall & Root, to name a few).

        Hmm… I seem to of dug myself a rather deep hole. If you’ll excuse me; I need to climb my way out, find myself a nice crow & make some pie, to eat. ;oD

        • CrimTV

          Fringe still lasted 5 seasons and 100 episodes though.

  • james

    Karl Urban will be an ideal lead actor for the show but considering his former show, Almost Human is now cancelled, the Minority Report has some too close similarities to his former show, it’s a toss of the coin whether it will succeed.