Animal Planet Greenlights ‘Meet The Orangutans’ From Blink Films

Meet The OrangutansAnimal Planet UK has handed an 8 episode series order to factual series Meet The Orangutans, which hails from independent production company Blink Films.

Meet The Orangutans is voiced by Liza Tarbuck and follows reveals the story of numerous orangutans as they are brought to the world’s oldest orangutan sanctuary, Sepilok in Borneo. It follows the apes from their arrival as tiny orphaned babies, to their triumphant release back into the wild as young adults. Each episode covers two or three stories and will feature interviews with team members including Sue Sheward.

The series, which was commissioned by Discovery Networks International Director of Production Helen Hawken, will air on Animal Planet UK in early 2015, before subsequently airing on Discovery Networks International in more than 200 counties. It is executive produced by Andra Heritage and Catherine Ball.

The greenlight for Meet The Orangutans comes after Meet The Sloth, which smashed Animal Planet UK’s slot average and reached 24 million people across Discovery Networks International. It was also an online hit and led to Animal Planet UK winning Best Specialist Channel at the 2014 Broadcast Digital Awards,

“Meet The Sloths was a viral success this year with millions of views on YouTube. In 2015 Animal Planet will be making orangutans the next sensation”, said Helen Hawken. “Meet The Orangutans puts heartfelt stories, both human and animal, at its heart to reveal the character of this wonderful species”.

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    Please bring this series to the U.S. as soon as possible! Orangutan fans are many, vocal, financially generous, and RABID for Animal Planet shows which are new and actually about ANIMALS. There was an ownership of each of the stars of “orangutan island” and people are still dying to get their hands on a DVDs of season 2, which was never made. Americans also know that they missed the other series”orangutan diaries” and feel cheated that Animal Planet did not at least offer this programming to them. There is a voracious online community saying they are tired of dirty jobs, bounty hunters, and crazy Alaskans. The orangutans of “orangutan island” became central characters in their lives, and even at 5:30 a.m., the show is STILL DRAWING. hundreds of avid new fans every week! There is a loyalty equivalent to (and overlapping with) the “meerkat manor” following, and at Chimp Eden, more people watched the birth of Nina’s baby Thabu than the wedding of the UK’s Prince William. I am not sure you understand your U.S. / worldwide market for programming about the sanctuaries for all the great apes, but particularly the orangutans. And feeling as if they had gotten to know each of the orangutans even better than they knew Jane Goodal’s Gombe chimps. Lone Dreisher Neilson has a huge facebook following and by the week more and more people are messaging her about “their favorite” orangutans long after many had died and others had spread out to other parcels of land.. There is not a nursery or children’s clothing collection which is not orangutan themed, and all of these are programs which are still changing people’s lives as a new generation of kids would much rather watch Orangutan Island than the latest Pixar DVD. You have a starving market and the world has a species on the brink; people follow this with the fervor of Harry Potter and the Tolkein kingdoms.! Please make season 2 or orang island available on DVDS and Netflix, please let us watch the seasons of orangutan diaries, please bring us Meet the Orangutans!