J. Michael Straczynski Announces ‘Babylon 5’ Feature Film Reboot, Eyes 2016 Production Start

J. Michael Straczysnki has announced plans for a Babylon 5 feature film, which is expected to enter production in 2016.

Speaking at San Diego Comic Con last week, Straczsynki announced that he would soon be sitting down to write a Babylon 5 feature film, which is envisioned as a reboot of the iconic sci-fi series. JMS said that he plans to get the script locked down by the end of 2015 and the film would then enter production the following year in 2016.

Next to nothing is known about the plot for this Babylon 5 feature film, beyond the fact that it is a reboot of the concept seen in the series. That said, J. Michael Straczynski has stated that he would like to use cast members from the series, such as Bruce Boxleitner and Mira Furlan, in new roles in the feature film. “I’d love to see Bruce as the President of the Earth Alliance”, he said.

The hope is that Warner Bros, who produced the Babylon 5 television series, would step up and green-light a “big budget” feature film once the script has been completed. But owing to the nature of the deal that Straczysnki inked with the studio to produce Babylon 5 in the early 1990s, he, rather than Warner Bros, owns the feature film rights to the show. Should Warner Bros. choose not to greenlight a B5 movie, Straczynski would still proceed with the feature, which would then be funded and produced through his Studio JMS banner on a budget of $80 – $100 million.

This marks the first piece of solid news for a potential Babylon 5 feature film, which Straczysnki has been trying to produce since the 1990s. The writer/producer/director now has the option to proceed without Warner Bros. thanks to the financial success of Studio JMS, whose diverse slate of projects include the upcoming Netflix series Sense8.

Straczynski has previously pitched at least three Babylon 5 feature films. The first was in 1996 and was to tell the story of The Telepath war; while the second, tentatively titled Babylon 5: The Motion Picture, told the story of President Sheridan investigating when the entire crew of a White Star are found dead. It was the third film pitch, The Memory of Shadows, which came closest to fruition in 2004/2005. The project fell apart, however, when funding for the film could not be secured.

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  • Teep1000

    Amazing I am behind this!

  • Svein Michaelsen

    YES!!! 🙂 Best sci-fi show ever made, and one of the best TV-shows of all time. I’d love to see those great characters one more time, hopefully several more times. More movies, (mini) TV-series, whatever…you JMS make it, and I’ll buy it!

  • Tossaway

    Seeing your character return to ISN, a little hesitant but with that “screw you Clark, I survived!” look, was fantastic. It was the little touches like that that made B5 so outstanding.

  • Tossaway

    I want him to wake up in the last 5 minutes, cured, with a “what did I miss?”

  • geocab

    This was and probably still is my favorite show. I really don’t see how the magic can be captured again. The straight to video stuff they made trying to give us more content were meh. I’m doubtful of success to a feature film.

    However, I would love to see, if this is a reboot, the original vision JMS had in mind before Sheridan was invented to appease the studio. (Although I loved Sheridan.) When Kosh had Talia recorded by the VCR, what was the original resolution to that? What would have been had the fifth season been a sure thing and they didn’t condense most of the story in 4?

    Ivanova all 5 seasons? It could have been incredible.

  • Kate Sanderson

    Which president? I don’t think I could stand Boxleitner and Furlan as bad guys!

  • John J

    Andreas Katsulas (G’kar) will be hard to replace, but I hope
    they find someone just as enjoyable.
    Shadows are still out there. I’m
    sure there is a whole action storyline in fighting them again.

    I also do hope for an updated blu-ray release of original Babylon
    5 series.

  • William Hurtley

    Well done you. I’m hopeful a new B5 film will be fantastic. I’m sad Andreas Katsulas can’t feature though. He was made for the role of G’Kar wasn’t he ?

  • Kristopher Vincent

    Ahhh…to this day, still the only news anchor I actually like! 🙂

  • Melayahm

    So, presumably set before Sheridan went ‘into the West’. It would be good to have David in it, see what a half human half Minabari would look like; but sad that so many old faces won’t be around for cameos. When I heard about Michael O’Hare’s struggle, after he died, I cried. I would love to see a reboot, done with love, with bang up to date effects. Fingers crossed for JMS (loving Sense8 too, btw)

  • garak0410

    I have reboot fatigue…if they somehow rebooted B5 into another series, would love to see the Sinclair story play out as it was intended, even if they did write some episodes word for word the same as the originals…the original story was too good to alter…

  • James Brand

    thing is its debatable whether he died or merely transcended into a energy based existence after all Dr Franklin even at the “last supper” didn’t fully understand what Lorien had done to Sheridan that was keeping him “alive”

  • J2

    Not a reboot so much as a continuation, if JMS is using the same cast and not retelling or reimagining the original plot.