Broadcast TV Buzz: ‘Almost Human’ & ‘SHIELD’ Inch Closer To Renewal, ‘Crisis’ Facing Cancellation & More

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With less than a month until the big five networks (ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC) descend on New York City for their Upfront Presentations, the key decisions on which shows will be coming back for the 2014-2015 season and which will be cancelled are in the process of being made. So which of this season’s current show’s will make the cut. TVWise presents the latest edition of this year’s Broadcast TV Buzz column, which lists, by network, the latest industry intel (buzz if you will) on which shows will be back next year and which shows are set to get the ax.


There has not been an awful lot of movement at ABC. The network has yet to renew a single series, but between strong ratings and support amongst ABC brass Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Castle, ResurrectionModern Family and Once Upon A Time are all considered locks for renewal. Of the network’s bubble shows, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. now looks set to swing a second season, largely thanks to the internal politics of Marvel within Disney. The Middle has been a fairly consistent player and is one ABC topper Paul Lee, who recently inked a new deal to stay on as President, is a big supporter of and as such is expected to return. The same is true of The Goldbergs, which has been an OK player on Tuesday nights. On the flip side of that, Trophy Wife wont be coming back. The series does enjoy support at ABC, but the ratings just aren’t good enough. Critical darling Nashville has had some soft ratings this season, but is still considered a shoo in for a pick up, as is Revenge, which is close to the numbers needed for syndication. On the comedy side, Last Man Standing is looking good for a renewal as one of the only comedies that has been able to draw a decent audience for ABC in the Friday night slot. Things are not as clear for Suburgatory. The comedy narrowly avoided cancellation last season and has struggled in the ratings, but sources suggest that it could swing another pick up. Friday night series The Neighbors is considered dead with no chance of coming back. The same is true of Mixology, a fact hinted at when some cast members started booking pilots. By all accounts Super Fun Night is also a goner, though there has been a suggestion of retooling the comedy for a second season. Meanwhile, Betrayal and Killer Women are both set to be officially cancelled, joining the likes of Back In The Game, Minds Games, Lucky 7, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and The Assets.


CBS has already renewed most of their line up, leaving very few question marks before their upfont presentation. The network has already renewed CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Person of Interest, Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, Elementary, 2 Broke Girls, The Millers, Mike & Molly, Mom, Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory; and has cancelled comedy We Are Men. Despite its cast and pedigree, Hostages failed to sustain a decent sized audience and won’t be returning next season. The same is true of Intelligence, which also failed to find much of an audience. The only other remaining drama not to have heard if it is coming back is The Mentalist. Warner Bros are pushing for a seventh season, especially given the retooling the series underwent this season. But from what I’m hearing, CBS wont be brining it back – there are a couple of pilots considered to be better companions to The Good Wife than Patrick Jane and co. On the comedy side, CBS is expected to renew one more series. Its not entirely clear which of the three remaining comedies will swing the renewal. Bad Teacher doesn’t premiere until next week and will need to do well to secure its place on the 2014-2015 schedule. Friends With Better Lives started well but sank to ratings levels akin to The Crazy Ones in its second week. So between all that, as well as the star power on the David E. Kelley series, I’d give The Crazy Ones the edge as the one likely to return next season.

The CW

Over at the youth-skewing CW, there has been some minimal movement. The network has already handed renewals to Arrow, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Reign and The Originals. As the only network yet to cancel a single series there are a number of dramas on the bubble. Newest entry The 100 has been a big performer for the network and is considered a lock for a second season order. Despite sources calling it DOA mere weeks ago, there has been chatter of late that Beauty & The Beast could earn a renewal. I’m not convinced of that outcome, but if it happens you can thank strong international sales for CBS Studios International. Another show that was considered dead only weeks ago that now has a shot is Star-Crossed. Ratings have been soft but its a political situation and at least one CBS Television Studios produced series is expected to get a pick up, be that Beauty & The Beast or Star-Crossed. Talk has been of a 13 episode pick up for Star-Crossed, possibly paired with The 100 next season. As for the remaining series, The Tomorrow People, The Carrie Diaries and Hart Of Dixie are all considered dead. Their slots on the network’s schedule next season are likely to be taken by iZombie, The Flash and Supernatural: Bloodlines, all of which have strong buzz right now.


Fox has already decided on most of their current line up. The network has handed renewals to The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Bones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Sleepy Hollow, The Following and Glee. While they have also cancelled Us & Them, Rake and Raising Hope. That only leaves Almost Human, Enlisted, Surviving Jack and Dads on the bubble. Things are heating up with Almost Human. The sci-fi series ratings were always decent and hinted at a likely renewal, but word is that Fox will now be renewing the WB produced series for a 13 episode second season. As far as comedy goes, Fox’s entire line up has suffered from soft ratings. Enlisted failed to find an audience in its Friday night slot and, despite strong support amongst execs there, will be cancelled. Also not returning for next season is Dads. The comedy from Seth MacFarlane was a favourite of Fox topper Kevin Reilly, but like Enlisted failed to find much of an audience. Meanwhile, sources say, Fox looks set to pick up a second season of Surviving Jack. The Chris Meloni fronted sitcom has, like the rest of Fox’s comedy line up, struggled a little in the ratings but enjoys strong support at Fox and perhaps more importantly has had a warm critical reception and is considered a shoo in come awards season.


Over at the peacock, a lot of the series are still in play with NBC having handed renewals to only 5 shows (The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Grimm and Parks & Recreation), and cancelling a further four (Sean Saves The World, Welcome To The Family, Ironside and The Michael J. Fox Show). New comedy series About A Boy and Growing Up Fisher have both been strong players for NBC, especially when looked at in comparison to the other new comedies from the network this season. Given that both are considered locks for renewal and will be back next season. Chatter over the past few weeks has been that Community will make it to a sixth season – is a movie next? Family drama Parenthood has been an ok player this season and with its strong support is also expected to return. Things are more complicated for Law & Order: SVU, with financial and contractual issues in play. That said, sources are optimistic that these issues can be resolved and as such the series should be retuning for a 16th season. With its move to Friday nights, Hannibal has struggled in the ratings, losing a good 50% of its lead in from Grimm. But between decent DVR gains and the relatively cheap licensing fee that NBC has with series producer Gaumont International Television, Hannibal looks set to swing a third season. The future is not nearly as bright for JJ Abrams. The veteran producer currently has two series on NBC, Revolution and Believe, and both have been struggling in the ratings. Revolution‘s audience has dropped significantly from season one (blame the lack of a The Voice lead in) and NBC is ready to cancel the series. WB will do what they can to keep it on air as it make the studio a lot of money internationally, but given “strong drama development” its more or less a goner. Believe on the other hand has struggled to re-launch NBC’s Sunday night line up. The ratings aren’t good enough and the series is also looking at cancellation. The same is true for fellow Sunday series Crisis. The Gillian Anderson starrer has also struggled on Sundays but pulls in marginally better ratings. Sources suggest it has a shot, but the truth is cancellation is more likely, regardless of how much NBC wants to stay in business with Gillian Anderson (that said, I’ve been hearing rumblings of a potential new development deal between Anderson and NBC which would see the X-Files alum TOPLINE a new prime-time drama). It’s hard to get a clear read on Dracula which, like Hannibal, cost NBC relatively little. It has a shot at renewal depending on what NBC execs decide to do with their Friday night block.

24 comments on “Broadcast TV Buzz: ‘Almost Human’ & ‘SHIELD’ Inch Closer To Renewal, ‘Crisis’ Facing Cancellation & More

  1. Hart of Dixie will DEFINITELY BE RENEWED FOR SYNDICATION PURPOSES. So, it is not going to be cancelled at all.

    I’m rooting badly for Star Crossed or Beauty & the Beast. Come on, CW!

  2. I’m glad Fox is looking into renewing “Almost Human” and CBS on “The Crazy Ones”. These two shows are far better than the other shows they renewed. Excellent casts, funny and interesting episodes every week. Love them.

  3. I am really happy about “Almost Human” Fox did the same thing to this series as it did to “Firefly” and showed episodes out of order. Hopefully with the 13 episode renewal this won’t happen yet again as imo this is definitely a show that deserves a second chance…

  4. Yay!!! Bring back Almost Human!!! It’s so much better than Sleepy Hollow, but those are two of the three shows I actually watch

  5. I’m glad Fox is going to renew “Almost Human” but I liked Enlisted. It’s the first comedy that is actually meant to be a comedy that I’ve enjoyed in years.

  6. Dracula should be given another season. It has an excellent cast, beautiful settings, and a new take on the Bram Stoker story. NBC should definitely renew this great series.

  7. When SHIELD first started, I didn’t even think it would make it to the end of the season before being canceled. Now, it’s gotten really exciting and I hope it returns. I like The Crazy Ones, but there’s usually not much of a storyline in any of the episodes. I still hope it returns.

  8. I’m really hoping CBS renews Intelligence. It’s a show with potential that CBS has kind of given a raw deal, they’re talking cancellation after only half a season. CBS needs some fresh blood in the action category, most of what it has now, while still excellent, is aging. Intelligence is a show who’s writing and characters, if actually given a fair shot, could really be what the network needs. It needs more than half a season to get it’s footing.


  10. Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is commercially linked with the movie franchise so will return; Revenge does not seem close to a satisfactory conclusion so I suggest will get a finale season; Almost Human has Karl Urban, he’s always good value.

  11. My Grandson and I have really enjoyed the new show Believe, The Tomorrow People, and Intelligence and would hate to see them cancelled. Maybe the Networks could move some of these shows to different slots and see how they do.

  12. Killer Women needs to come back on another network if it’s really cancelled. It would make a good summer series! Crisis is a horrible show; it’s so completely UNBELIEVABLE that I can’t watch it. I guess the imaginations of Hollywood people are pretty out there! There’s so little to watch on network TV…about 3-4 shows from each network….sad, sad, sad! Well, I lover reading more anyways….

  13. THE TOMORROW PEOPLE ratings are goof for CW mondays. I think the series has a shot. Ratings are so much better than Beauty and the Beast, Star-Crossed, The Carrie Diaries and Hart of Dixie. Ratings of TTP are close to Reign and The Originals ratings! So why the show would be cancel?

    And Hart of Dixie will be renewed for syndication.

  14. I just discovered Crisis and I love it. It’s surprisingly great fun – no joke. I hope they don’t cancel it. They should give people a chance to discover it since it has only had 5 shows so far! I just found it yesterday and watched all five episodes already. Tonight is episode 6 – looking forward to it.
    Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d has gotten exciting although the plot took a bit of a confusing turn. I watched all the episodes of that in this past week.

  15. I watched Intelligence, Once upon a time in wonderland, Almost Human, Tomorrow People, and Marvel, Agents of Shield…

    (Un)intelligence: since I work in the world of cyber security, the show does not do its research on the (what Star Trek calls Technobabble) and mostly insults the target audience (nerds) which I am one. Although the action sequences are decent, the actors trying to act like nerds is not. Until the last 2 episodes (which were decent) it was more or less the same story line with different actors.

    Wonderland was fun, but since they wrote an ending, the only way to bring it back would be for a Jafar’s revenge type of story, Kidnapping and forcing Alice to come back to Wonderland. I liked this show a lot.

    Almost Human, It would bring a tear to my eye if they cancelled this… the writing was good, the humor was good, the “this is what future tech / chemistry / biology” can be used for in committing crimes and how the police have to stay one step ahead of the criminals is actually believable. Many references to other classic Sci-Fi movies stuffed in as well. This has been my favorite show of the bubble list. Kennex: What do you do with it? Dorian: The same you do with yours, nothing.”

    Tomorrow people, I kind of liked the concept, but… everyone has these powers, not just the main characters. This means that the main characters have to be “more special” such as having 2 parents that were paranormal. Even then, there is only so much you can do with “Who is sleeping with whom, and how will that effect the CW rating for the show” otherwise the plot is far fetched and the main character (Steven) would have been terminated episodes ago by Ultra.

    Last but not least, Marvel: Agents of Shield, If it weren’t for the awesome “Captain America: Winter Soldier” movie, this story line would have tanked and burned along with their CGI Jet. All of the first episodes have been, “Oh we found this ‘object’ that is of ‘unknown or alien origin’ and use an hour episode of how they wrestle it from the bad guy to stick it in the fridge.”
    After a few of these episodes I began to wonder… is that all their missions will be, cleanup crew for Big Shield. Then, finally they started working on the Centipede investigation, and who was behind using left over Chitari(sp?) and other alien artifacts to enhance humans to do their dirty work for them. Ultimately the story ties in with the movie and it all makes sense, with some interesting twists, spy vs. spy, and espionage worthy of a good show. This is a keeper.

  16. I am really rooting for Beauty and The Beast!! I absolutely love the show and have not missed an episode since day one. Come on CW!!! Renew it!!!!

  17. This is kinda shocking i am excited to hear about star crossed but i am shocked that batb could come back it is one of the lowest rated shows so i am hoping for SC. As for HOD they are also a horrible show which is why the ratings are so bad but they are so close to syndication i am surprised unless they plan on bringing them back at a later date. I do hope almost human comes back.

    I definetly am not going to watch any more new shows it is too hard to get into a show then wait to see if they stay only to have it dropped so i think i will stick to shows that i know is doing well.

  18. Almost Human has been growing in popularity as more people discover it. It’s amassing a cult following quickly which could turn mainstream as it goes. Season 2 should hopefully cement that. Just good writing, story, and characters.

  19. @Bart, no TTP ratings aren’t good for Mon and aren’t much better than CD,HoD,BatB,SC.CD got two 0.4s on Fri with no leadin while TTP got two 0.4s,an 0.3 on Mon with Avery low rated 0.3-0.4,TTP Mon ratings are equaling SC,BatB,HoDs Mon ratings.Once in Jan when TTP was on Wed behind high rated Arrow,HoD tied it at 0.5 with no leadin.TTP has gone from a high of 0.9 to low of 0.3, loosing half it’s audience.Its very low rated even for CW and one of CWs lower/lowest rated shows.The Originals hasn’t come close to 0.3-0.5 in final ratings while while TTP has.TTP has declined all season in ratings and couldn’t keep good ratings/enough of Arrows audience so it was moved.TTP got 0.4-0.5 before spring/DST hit while Reign didn’t. You’re right though that HoD will be renewed for syndication though.

  20. hannibal should defo be back for third series same as almost human as both shows are exciteing and angents of shields needs some cameo appearances from hulk / iron man or likes for final episodes to give us something to look forward too as show is good but cameo would make it better

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