TV Trailer: FOX UK’s ‘Meet The Russians’

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FOX UK has released a trailer for their upcoming original factual series Meet The Russians, which is set to premiere on Wednesday September 25th at 9pm.

Meet The Russians (formerly known as Russians in the City) is a 9 episode observational documentary produced by Ricochet about Russians living in London. From the mega rich to the beautiful fashionistas, the high-end party planners and the upmarket Nanny agencies, the series will gain an understanding of the Russian ‘scene’ in London. Viewers will witness a captivating cast of characters with incredible life stories including a mega-rich financier turned art collector, the ‘Russian Victoria Beckham’ and her footballer husband, a Russian supermodel, Ukrainian pop star/former Mrs World Kamaliya and her steel billionaire husband Zahoor.

FOX UK’s Trailer For Meet The Russians Follows Below:

  • David Lomlitz

    Score 1 out 10 . Its a truly horrible TV show with people who should be ashamed of being
    representatives of Russia. Russian’s should not be judged by these monster people. Very bad show
    In fact possibly the worst TV show ever made. It not even funny just really sad.

    Sorry for Russia

  • David Lomlitz

    Worst show on TV or maybe the worst people or both.