TV Trailer: BBC Two’s ‘The Wipers Times’

By Patrick Munn - September 3rd, 2013 @ 02:28 pm UTC
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BBC Two has released a trailer for their upcoming 90 minute dramedy The Wipers Times, which is set to debut on Wednesday September 11th at 9pm.

Penned by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman, The Wipers Times tells the story of Captain Fred Roberts and Lieutenant Jack Pearson, who, in the bombed-out ruins of Ypres in 1916, discover a printing press. They use it to produce The Wipers Times – a humorous, satirical and subversive trench newspaper which proves hugely popular with soldiers – though not entirely with their superior officers. The drama is produced by Trademark Films and stars Ben Chaplin, Emilia Fox (Silent Witness), Michael Palin (Monty Python), Steve Oram (Kill List) and Julian Rhind-Tutt (The Hour).

BBC Two’s Trailer For The Wipers Times Follows Below:

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September 5, 2013
Steve Hayhurst

I went to a history festival weekend in July and watched a preview of this by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman which included some clips from the film.

Even the story as to how Ian got the idea is worth telling

It should be well worth watching

September 6, 2013
Martin Clarke

Ooo a DVD release of The Wipers Times please

September 10, 2013
Allan James McDonald

They, whoever ‘they’ are, will never destroy a British Soldiers humour, no matter what happens.
Well done to all connected with, ‘The Wipers Times’.

September 11, 2013
Joseph Anderson, Western Front Assoc.

Will this program be aired on public TV in the States/

September 13, 2013
Stephen Bennett

very good program, spot on with a soldier`s dark humour that is what keeps them sane,
on par with `The Monocled Muntineer` who gave us better conditions then, as now, later
paying with his life for daring to stand up against the heirarchy.

September 15, 2013
kathleen rogers

Unfortunately I missed seeing this excellent programme . Is there a DVD I could purchase please.

Many Thanks
Yours Sincerely
K. Rogers.