USA Network Sets Fall Premiere Dates For ‘Psych’, ‘White Collar’ & More

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USA Network has unveiled their fall schedule and revealed the return dates for the back end of Covert Affairs’ fourth season, the fifth season of White Collar, Psych: The Musical as well as the off-network debuts of ABC’s Modern Family and CBS’ NCIS: Los Angeles.

Kicking things off on Monday September 23rd is the CBS procedural NCIS: Los Angeles, which will air four nights a week at 7pm (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm, Wednesdays from 9-11pm and Thursdays at 7pm & 11pm). Following on Tuesday September 24th at 8pm is Modern Family, which will air five nights a week (Friday 8-9pm, Tuesdays 9-11pm, Fridays 9-10pm and Sundays 9-11pm). The fifth season of White Collar premieres on Thursday October 17th at 9pm, leading into the first of the final six episodes of Covert Affairs season 4 at 10pm.

Full Details of USA Network’s Fall Schedule Follow Below:

Monday, September 23

7/6c – NCIS: Los Angeles

Tueesday, September 24

8/7c – Modern Family

Thursday, October 17

9/8c – White Collar

10/9c – Covert Affairs

Sunday, November 3

8/7c – It Takes A Choir

Sunday, December 15

9/8c – Psych: The Musical

  • Prudence Darigan

    I have been a fan of the USA network for many years, primarily as an escape from the banal programming on the broadcast networks. I have enjoyed your reruns of NCIS and am a real fan of your original programs.

    It now appears that with your introduction of new reality shows and importation of the raunchy comedy Modern Family I will be soon searching for another network that dares to be different.

    Suggestion, look at bringing on King and Maxwell from TNT should they be foolish enough to drop it.

    Thank you

  • aaron

    I love psych never miss it cant waite until the new season starts

  • Mandi

    Did you just call Modern Family raunchy? Seriously? My family watches this show faithfully every Wednesday night. And we’re LDS (Mormon) so we try to not watch ‘raunchy’ tv shows. In fact, we are family friends with Ty Burrells father in law and he’s also LDS and loves the show. There has been a couple naughty parts but the show is NOT raunchy. I think you’re just a bored idiot looking for something to complain about. Have a good life.

  • Taryn

    When does season nine of psych start,the newest season?

  • Meg

    I love when people use the complaint of being Mormon to explain things. Dear person a couple comments above, I am too. And from what I’ve seen of the show, I’m not willing to watch it again because I agree with this writer’s statement.

  • Andystan


  • Mia

    Can you just please explain how Modern Family is raunchy?

  • Sam

    Anybody know when the new episodes of Psych and White Collar come on netflix? So far behind but I love the shows!

  • a. ree

    This is regarding the comments made about ‘modern family’. A lady stated her opinion of the show and was promptly called an idiot by another commentor. That was uncalled for and wrong. The first lady was entitled to her opinion. The commentor had no right to call her names just because she didn’t care for some ridiculous tv show.

  • Dj

    I love psych when does season 9 start

  • Andrew

    First, I think it’s kind of funny that you call ” Modern Family” raunchy on the message board of a sore that has two characters that frequently tell (or sing) each other to ” suck it.” It doesn’t make you an idiot, I suppose, but it definitely makes me wonder if you know what “raunchy” means.

    That being said, if you post your opinion I’m a public forum, especially when that opinion criticizes someone else’s choices, you’re opening yourself up for others to comment on your opinion. Mentioning that they’re Mormon is simply a way of establishing that they are conservatively minded, nothing more than that.

    Finally, those asking when season 9 is going to start, do you actually watch the show? The next season is season 8 and it premieres with the long-awaited musical episode on December 15.

    Now… suck iiiiit.

  • Amanda

    When does the actual show for psych start back up