Channel 5 Sets Premiere Date For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3

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UPDATE, July 4th: The Walking Dead is on the move. Following less than stellar ratings in its 11 pm time-slot, C5 execs have moved new episodes of AMC’s zombie series to the Sunday night 10pm time-slot on sister channel 5*. Repeats of new episodes will air on Channel 5 at midnight on Tuesdays.

PREVIOUS, June 19th: The third season of AMC’s zombie drama series The Walking Dead will debut on Channel 5 on Saturday June 29th at 11pm, it has been announced.

Based on the graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead was developed for television by Frank Darabont and follows a group of people, led by deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes, who are attempting  to survive after an outbreak has led to the rise of the undead (known colloquially as walkers). The Walking Dead stars Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Steven Yeun, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, and Lauren Cohan. David Morrissey and Danai Gurira are joining the cast for the show’s third season, with Morrissey playing The Governor, a seemingly kind, helpful individual who built and controls a barricaded utopian community; and Gurira playing Michonne, a fierce, self-taught warrior who saved Andrea in the season two finale.

The show’s 16 episode third season has previously been broadcast in the UK by Pay TV channel Fox (formerly FX UK), however, this is the first time that the third season has been made available free-to-air. Fox continues to hold the exclusive first window pay TV rights to the series and plans to air the fourth season later this year.

  • Eliot

    Cannot wait!

  • Jo


  • Lady Jo Jo

    Thank funk for that…..canny wait either – thought they couldn’t afford to buy it!!!!!

  • East


  • ron

    cannot com soon enough

  • Shabs

    Sooooooooo excited!!!!! Series link ready!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting since July-August last year for this to come back on channel 5 so happy its back

  • AJ

    Dead chuffed!

  • Nicky

    My God about time! Seems like forever, especially for those of us who don’t have Sky! Sooo excited its the best thing on tv!

  • Shereen Teasdale

    Wow I’m so happy I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms. I’m going to be walking happy pardon my English Humour. Grin

  • Phil


  • LOL

    So good on Channel 5 to publicise such a momentous occasion through concerted promotion. Had it not been for my own volition, I’d have missed it. They are too busy trailing Big Brother: a show everyone despises.

  • Jessica smythe

    Yeah us fans can see it get the ice cream ready ;)

  • Kelly

    I missed the 1st episode yesterday :( does anyone know when it’s repeated??

  • Steph

    When is episode 2 on checked for tonight but don’t see anything plus wasn’t on during the week. Anyone any ideas ???

  • lucy

    my other half could not wait to see it

  • Nicola

    Why is it not on tonight? Any 1 know??

  • Kevin

    Is it any wonder Channel 5 have lost viewers on this amazing show. At no point towards the end of the series 2 re-run did they mention when series 3 would begin. Not even at the start and end of the last show of series 2 – no trailer – not a word – not a hint!
    The amount of viewers they would have had had they done this would no doubt have kept it at the slot they selected. Maybe someone wise at TVWise can ask Channel 5 why they elected not to promote series 3. Is this the new way of building an audience to satisfy the advertisers who pay for it?
    Apart from that, luckily series link picked it up for me and I saw the amazing new series episode 1. Come on Channel 5 – start promoting one of your best shows.

  • Matthew

    No wonder 5 is classed as a 2nd rate channel, the walking dead is one of the best series ever yet series 3 comes along with no promotion at all so nobody knows its on then after the 1st el you put it on the even crapper 5*, and put shite like big brother on you idiots,it should be your flagship show pricks

  • claire

    The second episode is on Sunday 7th july at 10pm on 5*

    Come on channel 5 get your act together, you haven’t informed fans of this amazing programme of the changes, you,all lose even more fans at this rate, I love this show, best programme on TV!

  • Janet

    What a let down, was looking forward to the Walking Dead tonight :-( brilliant programme, cannot say the same about Big Brother

  • H

    Gutted. Waited for nearly a year, almost missed the first show due to lack of advertising even though I googled to see when it was on less than a week before, now can’t watch the rest as I don’t receive 5* as it has terrible signal here :(

  • Lesley

    The only decent programme on channel 5 and it suddenly gets relegated to 5* because its lost viewers!! What the hell!! Wake up and get this on at a decent time on a decent channel!! and give it some promo you idiots!!

  • Ave

    Just settled down to watch the only decent thing on freeview now that Nashville has finished only to find some Big Brother thingy spin off on instead! Had to search web to find out its been moved to Sunday on 5*. Infuriating.

  • pete

    perhaps a decent bit of advertising when series 3 was starting may of improved ratings for the first episode,mind you if it aint big brother is this channel intrested and moving it to 5 star will kill the program completely lets hope another channel picks up series 4

  • Lian

    You fail to promote and are then scheduled versus Rolling Stones at Glastonbury for week one.

    So the answer is shove it out to 5* and schedule against the Returned on Channel 4.


  • Ryan

    Crap channel 5. They pay top dollar for an amazing show that is setting records in the States for viewers and Channel 5 don’t even know what to do with it over here. Way to go guys!!

  • Anthony

    I watched first episode last week and was looking forward to tonights episode what happend . Now got to wait till tomoz because of BB its in every other night aswell. Pissed off

  • frank

    great show,why did they not inform people,they had moved it ,was looking foreward to watching part 2,and it was not on,so bloody mad,its the best programme on tv,right now,and channel 5 do this,shame on you,get your house in order,or no one will watch your chanel

  • Steve

    This is a fantastic series and I have been waiting for so long for the return. I was channel hopping last week and caught Episode 1. I had no idea series Three was starting. Luckily +1 meant I got to see the whole episode. Week 2, checked Radio Times, there it was 11pm Walking Dead episode 2. Turn the tele on, it is Big Brother.
    No wonder viewing figures are down, no promotion, not sticking to a schedule. If ITV or Channel 4 or had bought it the show would be treated with respect. One of the highest viewing figures in the US of any show ever, and 5 push it to one side in favour of Big Brother. Says it all.

  • Tracey

    Maybe more would have watched if it had been advertised more or on at 10pm. We love The Walking Dead and only knew it was on because we have been waiting for it for so long. Imagine my surprise when Big Brother was on instead! Not impressed!

  • ben downes

    Jus had to say im very disappointed in how channel 5 have treated this show n its loyal fan promo 4 series 3,then if u was lucky enough 2not miss first episode n was looking 4ward 2 eps 2 u wouldnt ave found it as its been moved,not just time not just day but channel aswell,wiv no warning either.channel5 doing its best to b a tired worn out,old b4 its time 2bob channel just like its flagship show,bigbro.cum on cl5,this shows one of the best on tv rite now but url liose veiwers to fx chael if u keep it up at this rate

  • Ian

    For some reason Channel 5 want this series to fail. It did not get any pre-reviews in my TV Guide not even listed in the USA TV section. First episode on a hour too late.

    Big Brother has sucked for so many series BEFORE C5 bought it and now they push Walking Dead first backwards then off air and onto 5* all I can say is that Channel 5 wasted a lot of money buying the series.

    At least the DVD will be out soon

  • woody 1962

    Like many others C5 are making a big mistake by altering times and not telling people – this is a brilliant series and nees to be put onat a realsitic time eg: 9.00pm (some of us have a job to go to!)
    how do people who make these decisions ever get into such jobs in the first place ? make them accountable

  • Jukesy

    Moved because of less than stellar ratings??? What do you think moving it to midnight will do? Who ever is behind this move needs there head checking because they seem more like brain dead zombies than execs….channel 5 you are a disgrace!

  • D Johnson

    I missed last night’s episode 2 with all the chopping & changing. Does anyone know when the repeat of episode 2 is on? Channel 5 website says tomorrow (Tuesday) midnight but the digital TV guide & newspaper is showing CSI at that time.

  • Nessa

    Very disappointed by channel 5’s lack of advertising this amazing series. No wonder they have had a drop in veiwing numbers, 11pm is too late for such a great programme. Maybe Big brother could be rescheduled! I have had to use google to find out what has happened to episode 2. Can’t believe it’s been moved to 5* and not everyone can receive this channel. Maybe you need to rethink your programme scheduling.

  • Bryn thomas

    Cannot believe chanel 5 the walking dead only decent programme on and yopu decide to put it on 11pm on a saturday and after one episode switch it to a channel no one has heard of your rubbish

  • julie

    I have to agree if the majority of people here ,channel 5 really dont have a clue I only found out series 3 was coming back by accident. Watched first episode on sat evening at 11 . Really enjoyed it .Following week sat down to watch next episode nothing took me ages to find it . come on channel 5 We dont like big brother, dont care how much ou have spent on it. Walking dead brill.

  • Penny Ariff

    When and on what channel is repeat of episode 2???? Cannot believe they changed channels without any warning.

  • morcheba

    seems to me channel 5 want walking dead to fail so they can give it to sky imo, crazy really considering zombies are in at the moment with world war z and even gaming zombies is big atm with TLOU. Put walking dead back to showing in the week away from celebrity/reality c..p weekends.

  • Anna

    Hear hear, l feel l must agree with the majority of the comments above, l mean what’s the point of putting on one episode of a programme, only to have the rest of the season cancelled by something which no-ne particularly likes anyways, and just when it was getting interesting!!

  • MrWebs

    i have been reading within papers tv guide to watch the series again as have seen on fx first but missed the first 3 so to give it a repeat watch i was really exited that its coming on channel 5 but at a sudden they have changed the channel . So thanks to this post i now know where to watch . . its EPIC Drama following form past 2 years .

  • loui

    I wondered what had happened to it and have only just found out it has been moved, so now have missed episodes 2 and 3 as a result. Channel 5 are useless if they can’t even be bothered to tell their viewers

  • teve

    Got bored tonight and spotted the walking dead on freeview guide. Flicked over expecting a repeat. hang on this is season 3 episode 5. WTF. It wasn’t promoted, no idea the New series was on. Yet 5USA claim every week they have New NCIS” when its Old NCIS. Channel 5 must be insane. Almost as bad as Pick TV who don’t seem to send out details that let my TV recorder track a series. I get 1 or 2 episode and then it fails to record. Couldn’t be anything to do with Pick TV being a teaser for Sky rather than a proper channel… Can’t see what Channel 5’s excuse is though. No viewers no advertising revenue.

  • Johnny

    Channel 5 suck. Now it seems it has gone from the Monday/Tuesday mid-night repeat on 5. Says in Radio Times its gonna be there, but my TV EPG says its gonna be CSI . Channel 5 obviously don’t care for their viewers……

  • D Driver

    Missed episode 7 due to this hopeless situation. I’d set it record whole season on the Tuesday midnight slot – got csi instead!

  • debsiedo

    Can’t believe Channel 5 have just taken The Walking Dead off! they just said it was on Five star and on demand and that was it!!! loyal fans are disgusted! why don’t they put it on prime time!! Fri, Sat of Sun at 10pm, Channel five shame on you!!!!

  • John

    TV Wise –

    Season 3 of TWD ended last night on 5*.

    After bumping it from 5 to 5*, can you please find out if Channel 5 will buy the rights to show season 4 next year on either 5, 5* or 5USA? Please please find out. I need to know if i’ll be able to watch this again on terrestrial tv/freeview.

    Hope you can help! Many thanks.

  • Stu

    Well I missed it completely after wondering for ages when it would return. I have just bought season 3 on eBay for £12 delivered so at least will get to see it now when I want and with no adds. Channel 5 should hang their heads in shame that they relegated to 5* with absolutely no promotion. Ditch the tired BB and promote one of the best shows in ages. Will be keeping an eye on here to see when and if they get season 4 .