It’s Official: BBC Two Renews ‘The Fall’ For Season 2

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Shortly after the series premiered as BBC Two’s highest rated drama series in 8 years TVWise broke the news that the core cast of The Fall had signed on to do a second run and that BBC Two controller Janice Hadlow was on the verge of green-lighting the second season. Hadlow and the BBC’s Controller of Drama Ben Stephenson have now pulled the trigger on that and formally renewed the series for a second season.

There is no official word from the BBC on the number of episodes ordered for the second season or when production will commence, but sources tell me that the order is for six episodes and that shooting should commence on location in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in January 2014. In addition, as TVWise previously reported, Gillian Anderson has been upped to executive producer for season 2. My sources also tell me that the scripts for the show’s second season are already written. In fact I’m told that BBC executives gave series creator Allan Cubitt the go-ahead to begin scripting season two shortly after production wrapped on the show’s first season in Northern Ireland in June 2012.

The move to renew The Fall comes shortly after the series outstripped Line Of Duty to become not only BBC Two’s highest rated drama series of 2013, but of the last eight years. The series also performed well in week 2, with the series retaining most of its initial audience and only seeing a drop off of 100K viewers or 3%. I’m told that the decision to renew the series was taken due to a “perfect storm” of top quality writing from series creator Allan Cubitt, outstanding ratings, heavy critical acclaim and the strong performances of Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan.

“The Fall has proved both a critical and ratings hit for BBC Two and another reminder of the resurgence of drama on the channel” said Ben Stephenson, the BBC’s Controller of Drama. “With more of Allan Cubitt’s intricate and thrilling plot revelations yet to unfold through the captivating performances of Gillian and Jamie, a second series is a must. Obviously we can’t give too much away as the first series builds to a gripping cliff-hanger but what we can say is it will be surprising and intense as the first.”

Writer and creator Allan Cubitt commented: “The BBC has been an incredibly supportive partner in this project and working with BBC NI and the Artists Studio has been the best experience of my career to date. I always envisioned The Fall as a returning series and wish to congratulate both Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan who have played their parts to perfection.”

While Gub Neal of Artists Studio added: “We are thrilled with the success of The Fall and the recognition of the remarkable work of Allan Cubitt, our wonderful cast, Jakob’s original direction and the sterling work done by the production team in Northern Ireland too. The BBC’s recommission of The Fall fully underpins Artists Studio’s commitment to put the writer at the heart of the creative process – and the success of the show is testimony that it really works.”

TVWise’s UK TV Scorecard has been updated with this new information.

  • Frank mccarron–at last a programme from Ireland that dos’nt fall into stereotypes aboutNireland and it’s people,

    No mindless killing and bent police force,

  • Dawn

    Brilliant series can’t wait for the second to start !!!!!!!!!

  • Kenn Bannerman

    I just watched the entire series in two nights. It’s always a pleasure to watch something well-written and well-acted. This is what television is meant to be.

  • Denzel

    Can´t wait for second season. It makes you watch all night. For Gillian have no words just beautiful woman and actor

  • Andy L

    best bbc tv drama since life on mars. can’t wait for next season. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jhawk

    Very intense! Well written story. Too bad we have to wait so long to see the next episode but it’s something to look forward to.

  • mick

    This is what tv should be showing’ one of the best tv dramas I have seen and the best ending yet – i know he is a killer but i want him to out fox the police, lets hope he can do it. Well its only pretend after all.

  • Jan

    OMG! I’m hooked and I want more!

  • Laura

    Must have watched it 5 times over now… Can’t get enough!!!! Love it, love it, love it!

  • Ckhw

    This was wonderful so far ahead of American crime procedural crime series Ms Anderson continues to grow can not wait for second seasons

  • michael

    very good show, what i usually hate about american police dramas is that they interject too much of the private life of the characters with what seems like strained drama for no reason. I like this show because its quick to the point and spot on. its as if you are actually with the police force and also with the killer.. (makes u a little uneasy) the show is perfection and i cannot wait for season two to come out.

  • Gillian

    I love this series and am looking forward to not only a second season, but a third, fourth, …the content and acting are superb.

  • Margaret

    Simply loved the series and can’t wait for Season Two to begin. Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan play theirs roles magnificently. Gillian Anderson has always been a favourite actress of mine, and once again she have not let me down.