Alibi’s Drama Series ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ Renewed For 18 Episode Seventh Season

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Canadian public broadcaster CBC has announced details of its prime time line-up for the 2013-2014 season. As part of that announcement the broadcaster confirmed that Murdoch Mysteries has been renewed for a seventh season, with a longer order of 18 episodes, as opposed to the 13 episode orders the series has received over its past six seasons. Murdoch Mysteries, which began its life on Canada’s CityTV before recently jumping to CBC, where it has been a ratings hit, has been co-produced by UKTV’s Alibi channel since season 1 and I am being that that they will again be co-producing this longer seventh season alongside Shaftesbury Films, CBC and ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

Based on the series of novels by Maureen Jennings, Murdoch Mysteries is set at the turn of the 20th century and revolves around Detective William Murdoch of the Toronto constabulary, who uses groundbreaking forensic techniques to close his cases. The series – which is a co-production between UKTV, CBC, ITV Studios Global Entertainment and Shaftesbury Films – stars Yannick Bisson, Thomas Craig, Helene Joy and Jonny Harris. The show’s sixth season is currently airing on Alibi and has been performing well for the Pay TV Channel, averaging (including +1) a consolidated audience of just under 350 000 viewers, ranking as one of the channel’s highest rated shows.

Also announced by CBC yesterday, Republic of Doyle (another series which airs in the UK on Alibi) has been renewed for a fifth season, with a longer episode order of 16 episodes. UKTV recently confirmed that they hold the rights to the show’s fourth season and plan to begin airing it in the Summer.

  • Myrna Burke

    I can’t get enough of The Murdock Mysteries. I will even watch the same shows over again and enjoy them as much as the first time I saw them. The cast is excellent. They complelment one another all the time. There seems to be a real bonding between them. I particularly like the pictures you show throughout the program on “Old Toronto”. Kudos to CBC for picking up this, clever, delightful, true Canadain Show. May it continue on for years to come.

  • Audrey Brighton

    Love it, love it, love it. Best show on TV. My husband and I curl up with a big bowl of popcorn every Monday night and watch it. I’m so happy to hear that there will be a 7th season and even longer.

  • KatieG

    Thanks CBC & ITV for your continued support for this terrific series. Congratulations to all involved with the show. Cheers to joanned, alano, jackseyes, PatriciaF, BarbaraM, et al.

  • Victoria

    Brilliant!!!! Thank you CBC I’m very excited Murdoch will be getting a seventh season with 18 episodes!!! wow this is the best news, even more exciting that it is going to be a longer run this time.

  • Fight Mediocrity

    Kudos to the amazing cast (way to go, Yannick, Tom, Jonny, Helene, Georgina), crew and production staff. “Murdoch Mysteries” is a Canadian institution and we are fortunate to have such great entertainment. CBC is to be commended on their decision to pick up the show. Now, it’s getting the attention it deserved all along. This is amazing news!

  • Wayne Kennedy

    Like many other fans I love the show ,I seen Mister Bisson he was on stage for a short time with Rick Springfield at falls view casino that was my best part of the show I will never forget that night not for Rick but for Yannick April 05/2013

  • Tom Hodgins

    This is great news. An intelligently scripted, beautifully acted Canadian turn-of-the-century detective series that is getting renewed, with even more episodes in the upcoming season.

    I love the chemistry among the cast. It truly is like comfort food to watch this series. Murdoch’s character is not that dissimilar to Sherlock Holmes in many respects. He is an old fashioned hero, a man of integrity, that can be relied upon. He is a man of honour, a man of scruples and intelligence.

    Yannick Bisson is a subtle actor, whose face beautifully registers nuances that bring so much to the drama. He is an actor who gives so much by seeming to do so little.

    And the rest of the cast is a marvel, too. All are truly deserving of praise.

    I love the atmospheric attempt to capture the streets of 1900 Toronto. Bravo for this great series continuing.

    Okay, now, let’s get down to business. Exactly when will the first episode of Season 7 be broadcast because I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Loretta Bowden

    Delighted to learn there will be a 7th season of Murdoch. Bravo CBC! Murdoch Mysteries is an outstanding program. It is charming, intelligent, witty and edgy all at once. The writers are clever and unafraid of the delicate subjects. The cast is superb. I couldn’t agree more with Tom Hodgins comments about Yannick Bisson. It is the subtle nuances that set this show apart from so many others.

  • Beverly

    Hello,so glad they picked up the show for another season and can only hope they keep it much longer.Love love the show and the actors but have to say Johnny Harris is great and so funny and the show would be lost without him.

  • Val

    Congratulations! I am very glad that this wonderful show has been picked up for a seventh season, with 18 episodes too boot! I have been a fan since I watched the season 1 DVD and have kept up with the show via DVD and online. The interstitial webisodes that tie in with the series are terrific and the same attention to detail and quality is maintained. The attention to historical accuracy is what draws me in with every episode; from the clothes, etchings to depict street scenes, dialogue and finally the real-life people that pepper the story lines from time to time. All of the praise is well deserved.

  • KatieG

    Ah yes, subtlety. That’s certainly in short supply in a lot of shows. It’s one of the things that drew me to Murdoch Mysteries and keeps me there. Yannick Bisson does an amazing job.

  • Lorraine Cole

    Hubby and I are so excited to hear Murdoch Mysteries is being made again. We just love the show here in Australia. Watch all the reruns too. Keep them coming.

  • Colleen

    So excited to hear that Murdoch Mysteries has been picked up for a 7th season! Love Yannick Bisson and the rest of the cast. Can’t wait!

  • Gail

    Thrilled with this news! I love the historical aspect of the show, the costumes , the locations, the attention to details of recreating events from this time periods. Murdoch’s fascination with science and his unusual methods of solving cases are always entertaining. I would not miss an episode and also watch reruns a few times each week. The characters are all so interesting and the actors are excellent but I am especially pleased to see that Johnny Harris’ s role is gaining more importance to many story lines, and his humor is hilarious. It is also adding to the series that different characters have been the main focus – Crabtree taking a prominent role one night, Jake another night . And the doctor is now a suspected killer ?????? Who saw that coming ??? Looking forward to next year .

  • Kay

    So pleased to hear there is to be a seventh season, but when will it started?? Great show, fantastic cast!!

  • Dee

    ‘Can’t wait to see what will happen to Julia and Murdoch in Season 7. And time marches on – World War One, more inventions…. Season 7 is going to be great!

  • Muriel Skrbek

    can’t wait for season7—when does it start–Im a senior and I bought the first 5 series—now waiting for the 6th on dvd the best ever.I hope for more action between the doc and Murdoch

  • Beck – [Australia]

    It is fantastic news that ‘Murdoch’ will continue, it is an absolutely brilliant & intelligent show. There is so little available today by way of value in regards television especially when it comes to family orientated programmes. My family & I look forward to ‘Murdoch’ each week, ensuring we store every episode on the planner so as to not miss one single bit!!.
    This is the only show currently that my husband & I can enjoy & watch with our seven (7) year old son, & he loves it as much as we do. It is smart, funny, sensitive, clever, engaging and also very educational as we get to learn about how areas such as communications progressed through history into what we have today. Examples such as ‘the scrutiny camera, picture ‘tele-facsimile ‘-
    ( the paint by numbers photo) & 3d film all brilliant. We love the insight they add in & the subtle references to how humanity did get it so very wrong, as with the Pendrick electric car versus Fords oil vehicle – a definite indictment on the world today. My personal favourite is Nikola Tesla, & hope they have more interaction between him & Murdoch.
    All in all – Congratulations to all involved, & thank goodness someone in the broadcasting industry had the humility & courage to respond to the publics voice. May ‘Murdoch’ be with us for many a year to come. :)

  • Angela Schon

    Agree, agree, agree! Fantastic show!
    I hope season 7 will be just as great, and Julia and William find some peace and happiness at
    last!. We are such romantics, always want to see people getting together.
    I am sure the writers will do a wonderful job and will not disappoint us.

  • Joanne

    Oh my gosh!!! Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it!!!

    I first saw Yannick Bisson on “Sue Thomas FBI”, which is where I fell in love with him. It is only in Season 5 that I stumbled upon Murdoch Mysteries, and was in Heaven when I saw Mr. Bisson again.

    Not only was I in Ah with the show and the actors, I believe it’s the #1 best Canadian show ever. I am most inpress with the recreation of Toronto back in the 18 Century.

    Like everyone else, best Writers, Directors, Producers and Cast Members.
    I would like to know when Season 7 will premiere. Thank God for PVR. I rarely watch live tv. I record basically everyone show that I frequently watch and on my rest day (Saturday) I sit back with a mug of tea and watch until I fall asleep.

    I save Murdoch for when I am well rested. Like everyone else, Murdoch is my favorite Television show.

    Please keep me posted with updates.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!!


  • Donna

    So glad to hear that there will be another season of this wonderful TV show. By far, one of the best shows on TV! Never miss it!

  • Grace Joubarne

    Honestly the best drama ever…decent, thought provoking, educational and leaving enough to the imagination to truly enjoy the experience. I just love this program and can’t wait to see it on Mondays…now trying to find when it’s showing again as I don’t see it listed for Mondays as it use to be.

  • Cher

    It is, by far, one of the absolute BEST shows I’ve seen/watched and kudos and congratulations to CBC for picking up a real winner… absolute delight to come home on Monday nights to watch this!
    I hope that CBC continues (forEVER)to air this!

  • Tracey Lewis

    As a UK fan I was shocked to read in a canadian paper 2 years ago that CBC were considering cancelling this brilliant show. Now having just read this article, I cant wait for the next series. You cant keep a good show back. I also like how the writers move with the times, including new inventions and technology.

    From all your UK fans – Way to go Murdoch.

  • isabel

    great news that there will be a season 7 this is by far the best show on tv great cast
    and storeies long may it last looking forward to it airing on alibi tv hope it will not be long

  • Pauline

    We love the show here in the UK. I’m sorry we just got to episode 13 and hope it won’t be long before we can watch series seven. It’s excellently portrayed (I want to visit Canada now) I have all the DVD’s available so far, series 5 is about to become available here in May. Thanks for the uploading to utube to whoever is doing it out there.
    Great portrayals from cast and special guests. Great Yannick Bisson fan. I do want to see him married to Julia though.
    Can anyone give me information about the event that happens here in England to celebrate the series, I would love to go

  • suzanne

    Absolute fan of this well acted and well produced series. A pleasure to watch, the interaction and comedy element’s give it a light feel, I love the story lines and the interaction between George and William.
    I am glad it will continue to entertain and amuse. It has just the right amount of everything to make it brillant viewing

  • Suzanne

    Just found out Murdoch mystery series has been renewed. Smart thinking of CBC to renew a great show. They finally listened to what viewers want to watch. It’s not just costumes and great attention to details but for great writing and the cast are well match. Looking forward to season 7 with an extra 5 more episodes than the usual 13. Well done!

  • isabel

    i also hope murdouch marries julia its been far to long coming it will be worth the wait when it happens and will make my day hope it wont be to long

  • Anne Mackinnon(AnneM)

    I love MM and miss the Alibi message board to chat find things out etc.I’m in UK so have 4 fdays till finale airs,I am desparately avoidiing Spoilers!! I also record it and watch when hubby and child in bed, its the highlight of my week.I also want to attend convention on 24/8 so any info very welcome.Here’s fingers crossed for Will/Julia I’ve loved the way their relationship has developed in this series including the arguments but a happy ending please.

  • Kathy Baker

    My husband and I love Murdoch Mysteries – we always look forward to a new episode and mystery. Every one of our friends have also commented on how much they enjoy and look forward to seeing the series. I personally love the characters, the humour, the mystery – the history, costumes, the beautiful old fashioned sets, are also very well done. Happy to hear about season 7 and looking forward to what unfolds. :)

  • Sandra

    Reading through the previous replies guess it’s all been said !

    The casting is superb a perfect team,I would dearly love to see Murdoch and Julia marry and happily watch episodes over and over again !

    Long may it continue.

  • P. Bright

    I am very pleased to learn that Murdoch Mysteries will continue another season. I have truly enjoyed this past season episodes. I hope CBC will consider re-broadcasting earlier seasons. I would love to see them again.

    A big THANK-YOU to CBC for finding the funds to continue this outstanding program!!


    Just watched the last episode in series 6 brilliant yet again

    I totally agree with everything all the previous comments which have been made.

  • Fiona Murrey

    Thank you for this wonderful show. 5 main actors are brilliant. Please, let Murdoch and Dr Ogden get married and the show would be greater.

  • Annie

    Absolute brilliant show. Glad to hear that a 7th season has been planned, can’t wait for it to air. Will have to make do with re-runs until then which are still as wonderful as the first time seen. All the actors are superb. Totally agree with all the previous comments 100%. Love watching Murdoch work out the problems and would love to see him and Julia happy together. Roll on next year. When can we expect it on!!!!!!

  • Marguerite VanBeek

    Excellent show. My husband and I stumbled upon this two years ago and have been watching the current episodes and the re-runs faithfully. We continue to watch the re-runs even if we have seen them two to three times already.There are some evenings we will surf the channels to watch another episode..often we watch 3 hours of Murdoch in a given night. Thanks so much for this TV show that has no darkness attached to it , is refreshing and the characters are real. We need more TV programs like this and less of the Reality Shows that insult the viewing public.

  • Mary F. Gabelsberger

    Your Murdoch Mysteries series holds my interest and the actors, costumes and story lines are superb! I have seen the entire series (1-5) and and look forward to enjoying more programs,and the behind-the-scenes excerpts are very interesting. Thank you for producing this product from Canada.

  • heather

    Really Excellent show! never fails to keep your interest, with quick wit and subtle nuances that make this a suberb show to watch every week! Also would love for william and juila to get married that would be great!

  • Keith Turner

    Murdoch Mysteries is easily one of the best tv crime series put onto the uk,s screens, it ranks alongside Frost/Morse/andFoyles War, having watched Thomas Craig in Coronation St. i am astounded he had to go to Canada for his acting talents to come to the fore he is superb and very funny.

    The show and its characters are brilliant, also the villains, the scriptwriters do a marvellous job, and in true fashion keep the viewers on edge week after week series after series. My only regret is, as in other crime series, one of the main characters gets killed off in an episode, surely not Crabtree, Higgins, or Grace. Here’s a tip for the screenwriters, make it THE CHIEF CONSTABLE who is having a bit on the side with Mrs Pendrick and she does him in, leaving the obligatory clues accusing Mr Pendrick once again.

    Great show!

    Regards Keith

  • margaret andersoon (live in Wyong NSW Australia)

    Just discovered Murdoch Mysteries DVD at local library and absolutely love it. Have reserved 2nd series that is all the library have. Will request they get several more as 7th series being done this year. We haven’t had it on TV here mores the pity because I think its brilliant.

  • Maggie

    Am I the only one that would like to see William and Anna together. I think they are more suited. Anna could come back with their child, as I am sure they spent the night together in the two part episode in season 6.

  • Mary Lou

    More! More! I am totally hooked. And NO to Anna.

  • http://June1st2013 Jeanne Nezic

    Why is it that episodes 1 through 6. have been rebroadcast over and over again, I don’t know how many times I’ve watched them, so why not episodes from season 6. I would love to see some of them again. So what is the answer?

    I am 80 years old, and I truly love Murdoch Mysteries keep it up , and DON’t stop the re-runs on channel 8 CITY T. V

    Thank you

  • heather

    Love the show. I would also like to see william and anna get together.Cannot wait till season 7 starts. Watch all the episodes over and over again. I am well and trully hooked.

  • Maggie

    Thank you Heather for also wanting Williiam and Anna together. Anna comes from William’s class, not like Julia’s upper class and also they are both roman catholics. I expect this will upset the William/Julia supporters. Sorry!!

  • agnes

    Love the show all the cast wonderful a special thanks to Maureen Jennings without her we would have the stories I read all of her books they are teriffic thanks for season 7 cant wait .

  • Joann Traver

    We absolutely love this show! I have purchased all the DVD’s including Season 6 and am so excited that eventually we’ll be able to purchase Season 7! I share the DVD’s with a friend and we are totally hooked! Maureen’s first book with Tom Tyler is wonderful – I just finished reading it and now my husband is reading it and my friend is checking with her library to check it out. Thank you, one and all for this series. I don’t live in Canada so the the DVD’s are always exciting to get. Maybe one of these days Tom Tyler will be available on DVD.

  • Laurie

    Love this series! We don’t live in Canada, so we are watching on Netflix and are completely hooked! About to begin reading the books as well. We can’t wait for more episodes!

  • Rose Greenwood

    I couldn’t be more pleased – and surprised – that so many people agree with me that Murdoch Mysteries is, bar none, the best television ever made. What a refreshing and edifying experience it is to view characters that have integrity yet vision as well as intellect yet a sense of humor. The interweaving of historical characters, places and events is a brilliant touch.

    Hooray for Canada and made in Canada TV! All my life I’ve believed that Canadian Television is second to none, and I finally discover there are people worldwide that agree with me.

  • MurdochMysteriesFan

    I truly support William/Julia- their chemistry is amazing, and we’ve spent six seasons watching their relationship grow, with all of its twists and turns. I also vehemently believe there will be a wedding for them in s7- it’s about time!

    Personally, I can’t see Anna and William together. If William had truly loved Anna, he would have left with her at the end of the s5 two parter. He was prepared to leave with Julia when she was accused of murder in the finale of the sixth season. She may be Catholic like him, but may I point out that Julia not being Catholic has opened William’s eyes in many ways. She’s never disrespected his opinions or beliefs, but has been able to state her own and by doing that, make him realize things about cases and his own beliefs. William is now a better person because of that, not so much the strict, uptight, shy man he was before and during s1. I believe Anna was more of a fling than a serious relationship, and that the two just are not compatible as a full-time couple.

  • Just Me

    How wonderful!

  • Jayson

    Love watching Murdoch Mysteries , Its a really great show and I dont ever want to see them stop making episodes. Keep up the good work !!!

  • Mark Nowak

    From the U.S.

    My wife and I watch Murdoch Mysteries every week. Big fans of such series as Quincy, Brisco County Jr., Law and Order, Columbo, We have just found Murdoch Mysteries- well scripted and the mysteries themselves captivating. Long live Murdoch season 7 and beyond.

  • alexis

    From the us

    So happy i happened to check this series out on Netflix. My whole family loves this show. Love the atmosphere, actors, writing and pretty much everything. music is even my ringtone! So agree with what Tom said about Yannick’s acting. Love to watch his expressions! So not happy about them writing Julia marrying the doctor though, worst part of show. Thanks to all created in making the show, have enjoyed it very much. Can’t wait to see more!!!

  • Lorrie in Ireland

    Season 7 when????? My kids and my husband all love this show.
    Just can’t wait constantly watching repeats love it that much.
    When is season 7 going to be on Alibi?

  • David UK

    Discovered this series by accident and been a fan ever since. Like most other fans, repeats are more than acceptable as the magic between all the cast is so obvious, their parts are so natural and professionally acted.

    Its a great change from the usual gratuitous violence and exaggerated high tech forensics that seems to be in every other police series. Series 7 coming into view and it cant arrive too soon for me and my wife.

  • Linda in Canada

    Thanks, CBC, for recognizing the value of this show. I believe it is the best series on TV. I understand that Canadian actor Jane Moffat is in the first episode. Can’t wait to see it! Keep up the good work.

  • Lorraine Cole

    My hubby and I love Murdoch mysteries and watch all the reruns. We are looking forward to the next series as in Australia now we have gone back to series 1 and are really enjoying seeing them.

  • Alf Berrington

    My wife has got me hooked on Murdoch and I think we’ve seen all of the 6 seasons on Alibi channel on Sky. Can you let us know when season 7 will air, in the uk, and whether it will still be on the Alibi channel?

  • Jenny UK

    I too am so pleased there is to be more Murdoch. My other half and I are watching the repeats over and over on Alibi until the new series comes out. Please let that be soon!!!

    We love the tight scripts. The humour between all the characters is brilliant.

    Much as I like the relationship between him and the doc we both liked the frisson (good word!) between him and Lisa Faulkener. She made a great match for him and it would be lovely if she came back in to it sometime – without getting herself killed off in the process!!!

    Either way, we are ready for Series 7…………right now! XXX

  • Michele Doucette

    I quite concur with David in the UK: there exists a magic between cast members, a magic that is quite obvious, their parts being so natural and professionally acted. I cannot recall when, or how, I was first introduced to Murdoch Mysteries, but have been an avid fan since that fateful first episode.
    Seldom do I watch TV, aside from this remarkable series.

  • George Ludgate, PhD

    Murdock Mystery – the finest detective series TV has ever produced. Remember Julia is not Roman Catholic and is, or soon to be, divorced – an interesting twist facing the devout Roman Catholic detective in the Protestant city on Toronto. (Julia/Murdock excellent c hemistry)

  • agnes

    Counting down the days to series 7 . Good luck to all the cast members for another sucessful series . also thanks to Christine & Maureen Jennings for making it possible Thanks

  • loretta craig taylor

    Murdoch Mysteries is a gem.

    Each actor does a superb job . The turn-of-the-century science is so entertaining and thought-provoking, the humour is wonderful, the early-Toronto milieu perfect, Jonny Harris’s delivery astounding, Thomas Craig’s impatience and caring thoroughly engaging, Helene Joy’s portrayal of a very smart young professional woman incredibly nuanced and Yannick Bisson ? Well, what is there to say about a handsome, rather shy, extraordinarily smart man who delivers his lines so convincingly that I find it hard to believe that he sheds his Murdoch persona at the end of the day and goes home to his beautiful wife and equally beautiful daughters and his “real” life.

    I’ve written to Maureen Jennings to thank her for her imaginative writing. That same gratitude must be extended to all the behind-the-scenes geniuses who bring the stories to life on the screen.

    Sincere good wishes to all.

    Loretta Craig Taylor
    Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

  • doreen liefso

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for returning the most delightful and entertaining drama. They actors are so talented and delightful. The cases are at times mind boggling but as usual murdoch saves the day. I absolutely love this series and I’am a faithful and loyal fan I have been since 2008. Once again thank you CBC. Another entertaining hour on Monday evenings caanot wait.

  • Garry Donaldson

    What a wonderful program.We did not stumble across Murdoch Mysteries until sometime around series 3,now we are hooked on this fantastic series.
    Yes,we agree it would be great if William and Julia do get married in Series 7.The writers have done a terrific job in keeping us guessing.Yannick Bisson is a marvellous actor and the whole cast compliment one another.
    Looking forward to Series 7.

  • Chrissie

    The best program on TV. Cannot wait for Season 7 – William and Julia MUST get it on together. Hope the series will continue for years and years to come.

  • Rayna

    i have loved murdoch since I discovered him some time ago cant wait for the next series i am reliving the episodes every night

  • Sandra Harris

    It’s about time the writers had William and Julia get married. Now (in January) their wedding is off AGAIN. It’s also time to retire James Gillies from the show — he’s been around for too long and is becoming stale. The bet shows so far have been those where William and Julia solve crimes together. Let’s have more of those and end the on-again, off-again romance saga.

  • Ron Keeler

    If William and Julia don’t work things out and get married, I am done watching the show.

  • cindy

    But if the writers are true to William Murdoch’s character, I seriously doubt that he would marry a divorced woman without an annulment from Rome.