Bio Picks Up UK Rights To ‘Dance Moms’, Sets Premiere For March 19th

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A+E Networks UK’s Bio channel has picked up the exclusive first run UK broadcast rights to Lifetime’s reality series Dance Moms, it has been announced. The show’s 13 episode first season is set to premiere on Bio on Tuesday March 19th at 9pm.

Dance Moms is a reality series set in the world the world of competitive dance where overbearing mothers push their daughters to the brink while vicariously living out their own dreams through their young performers. The series immerses itself in the highs and lows surrounding dance competition season, delivering a captivating and dramatic look at the cast’s intense pursuit of National Dance titles. Centered on the devoted Abby Lee Miller, who runs her school and instructs her young, talented students while also dealing with impassioned mothers who go to great lengths to help their children’s dreams come true, Dance Moms poses the tough questions many people have been asking since the show’s launch about what really goes on behind-the-scenes in the fast-growing and controversial sport of competitive dance. Dance Moms is produced by Collins Avenue Entertainment with Jeff Collins (Kids Parties), Bryan Stinson (High Society) and John R. Corella (Dance Flick) serving as executive producers.

TVWise’s UK Premiere Dates page has been updated with this new information.

  • Lisa Harwood

    All I have seen of this show has disgusted me. How adults can be aloud to behave the way they do in front of impressionable children is beyond me and some of it could be easily seen as mental abuse. The question is what long term effect is it going to have on these girls growing up believing that treating another human being this way is right thing to do. (Aggressively instead of assertively in a professional manner.

    Yours Lisa Harwood

  • Anonymous

    Lisa. Hush up.

    My mum and I love this programme. These kids aren’t training to be mollycoddled all the way through casting. Yes they’re young and are still young. But they’re dancers. It’s a fun programme with exceptional talent (Maddie Brook and Chloe) (mainly maddie) and an inside view into how hard these mothers and kids work! It should make you happy to see kids with such dedication. Brilliant show. Just hope season 2 is picked up!

  • patricia burke

    i love this show as well. myself and my daughter watch it. i also hope series 2 is aired

  • Issy

    When is season 2 starting? This is my favourite program!

  • Pauline sendall

    me and my daughters watch this show and are captivated by the dedication of not only the mothers but also the children when is season 2 going to be aired as we cannot wait lol

  • Gemma

    I love this show! I think it is good that they have a hobby that keeps them busy and not hanging round the streets! But what happens if they don’t make it as dancers or get injured and can no longer dance! One of the girls said they miss a lot of school and if they dance every night after school when do they do their homework? Education should come first and dancing second!

  • lisha

    me and bestfreind, we LOVE this show!!!!!!!!!!! and Gemma, dancing ALWAYS comes first!we would be NO where without it. we now have self confidence, and awards. MANY awards. so shut yo mouth homie, we LOVE this. peace :-)