BBC One Renews ‘Inspector George Gently’ For Sixth Season

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BBC One has renewed its drama series Inspector George Gently for a sixth season of four 90 minute episodes, which is set to air in 2013.

Inspector George Gently is a crime drama set in 1960s Northumberland, about an old-school detective trying to come to terms with a time when the lines between the police and criminals have become blurred. The drama series is produced for BBC One by Company Pictures and stars Martin Shaw as Inspector George Gently and Lee Ingleby as Sergeant John Bacchus.

The show’s sixth season will be set in 1969 and picks up one year on from the season six finale in which Inspector Gently and Sergeant Bacchus were shot. Though injured, Gently (Martin Shaw) and Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) have both survived the shootings to fight another day. Bacchus has put his life on the line for his boss, and this gives a new dimension to their relationship. Gently is recovering from injuries and is pushing himself back to fitness.

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129 comments on “BBC One Renews ‘Inspector George Gently’ For Sixth Season

  1. This is fantastic News. Well done BBC 1 and Kudos to Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby for their incredible portrayals of each of their characters.
    Inspector George Gently is the one show I truly look forward to watching and i was hoping against hope, that the series 5 finale episode “gently in the cathedral” did not spell the end of the road for either George, or Bacchus.
    Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby have created such an interesting dynamic between their two characters, I just adore them and Im ridiculously pleased to know they recover from their wounds and I cant wait to see how the two approach future cases with what is sure to be a stronger bond and new found trust between them.

  2. Brilliant news. I am just now – watching a repeat George Gently I recorded a while ago. Googled it to find some details about the programme and it came up with this article.

  3. I am simply delighted! I can assure you that this series has quite a number of faithful fans in Holland. Wonderful news!

  4. What a relief Gently & Bacchus have survived! Last episode was aired on Belgian TV tonight and I was very pleased I found an answer to the agonizing question ” did they die?”

  5. Excellent series! I too thoroughly enjoy the interaction between the two main characters. There are far too few really good series on TV these days and many are too much of the same old thing. However, this is brilliantly acted with great storylines. I cannot wait to see the next series when it comes to New Zealand.

  6. This has got to be one of the best things on TV!! Riveting and intelligent scripting, with bloody good stories. I just wish there were double the number of episodes in each ‘series’!!
    keep them coming BBC!

  7. So moved by the Season 5 finale I had to search to discover the fate of Gently and Bacchus. I love this show and am so glad that they are returning.

  8. Only now had time to catch up on the Season finale & was in shock at the ending. So happy to read the series are renewed for another season! Kudo’s to Martin Shaw & Lee Ingleby for their great performance in the show. Looking forward to seeing more :-)

  9. Excellent news…and so glad they both survived the Cathedral shooting. I was devasteated that they had got shot!!
    Can’t wait for this new series:)
    Well done BBC:)

  10. Gently moved from billingham this morning (m boro)maybe up towards Durham/Northumberland area. Prob doing the police station now based at Durham Road spennymoor.

  11. So very happy to hear that the series has been renewed. My husband and I catch it via Netflilx, in the US. We love the characters, the atmosphere, and yes, those 60′s fashions!

  12. Only just caught up with the last episode which, at the end, left my wife and I staring at each other in mute disbelief! “Google it now!” she commanded. “They can’t die, this cannot be the last series!”. I have reported the good news that this brilliant pair will be back. Well done BBC, keep it rolling, lets have none of this hackneyed old tosh about terminating a series whilst it’s “on top”!!

  13. Gently has been to Stanley co Durham near Beamish. He has. done a scene at the police station,I live 2 mins walk away. Keep up the good work.

  14. I have seen every episode through Season 5 and have particularly enjoyed the last two episodes in that season. The writing is first class, the acting superlative all the way around and the direction top notch. This season marked a strong development in the relationship of the two protagonists. You can also see that while Gently is still Gently his age is beginning to show in very subtle ways particularly in his relationship with the female barrister in the season finale. Being somewhat older myself I can tell you that this was very well done! Living in NYC I was surprised to see that the series was not carried by our local major public television station, WNET. I don’t know how they missed this one other than by an apparent awkward desire to bring forward more diversified and oftentimes inferior programming. Thank God for ACORN on internet TV or I probably never would have seen this series. Keep up the good work!

    Craig Heard
    New York, NY

  15. Love this series and thank heavens for Acorn Media or I would not even know about it in the US. Great stories, acting and locations. So glad to hear that it is going to continue.

  16. I love the series and cannot wait until the release of the next. Keep them coming. Living in Tasmania, Aus. they are a bit slow getting here.

  17. 27/4/13 I have just ( in last 5 mins ) watched the final of George Gently + was really upset thinking both George and John Bacchus are dead, oh they can’t be !!?? But I just read the review and they both recover, thank goodness + I look forward to the new series!!
    Phew thank goodness!! Yes we love the show here in Tasmania!

  18. The cathedral shooting episode aired tonight in Melbourne, Australia. So glad it’s not the end for them. Have had a very long crush on Martin Shaw since The Professionals. Having spent a bit of time in Durham added to the impact of the final scene. Looking forward to the next series!!

  19. Have just watched the cathedral shooting, and went strat on the net, so glad there will be a new series, hope its not to long in comeing, good on you bbc.

  20. I really enjoyed the final episode of seris 6 had to google to see
    If there was going to be another seris bring on no 7.

  21. Have just watched the final episode of Series 6 on ABC1 in Melbourne, Australia and am still stunned at the ending. Surely Gently and Bacchus survive? Like another correspondent, I HAD to see if there was a further series planned and am delighted to find there is! Can’t wait for the next instalment.

  22. So glad to have a new series, just loved watching this show, I found this site, and just had to find out what happened to Gently and Bacchus, as my husband and I were watching the last episode for the season, I said oh no they can’t be dead I’ll Google it and find out what happened to them, here I am. Well done BBC for a fantastic show. Mary Melbourne Australia

  23. Like so many others at the end of tonights` episode in the Cathedral i just had google .Thankfully they will be back !!!!! this is the best series on tv here in Adelaide South Australia. it really would have been just too awfull had they died.
    Aclassy series ,so just keep it going . Gail

  24. I was so tired tonight that I considered recording the last episode of George gently. I promised myself I’d just watch a the a tiny bit and watch the rest tomorrow but as usual once I started I was hooked. When it ended with George and John both being shot I just couldn’t believe that they would leave us all hanging like this so I had to google it and check they were returning in a sixth series. Thank goodness for google, I’m so happy to see they will both be back for series 6. I just wish they didn’t take so long to show them here in Australia . I live in Adelaide. I really love the show, can’t wait for the next trip to Durham and the 1960′s with George and John.

  25. So glad Perth, Australia, are showing this series of George Gently. Had to google it too hoping another series was being made. Thank goodness it is. Well done BBC, wish there was more of British tv over here.

  26. Wow! I cried when I thought Gently and Bacchus had died. This show gets into your blood and brings out real emotions. I had to remind myself it was a show that’s how involved the audience become. Keep on keeping me emotional in this numbing world.

  27. I am simply delighted! I can assure you that this series has quite a number of faithful fans in Sydney Australia.

    Well done BBC

    Five start for Martin Shaw (George Gently) & Lee Ingleby (Bacchus)

  28. George Gently series is an enjoyable drama to watch and can recommend it. Have read several of the Alan Hunter books on seeing the George Gently drama on TV. Hoping to watch more of the series here in Australia.

  29. So refreshing to watch a series like this ,instead of the crap tv normally served to us in Melbourne Australia ,could not believe the ending on the last series when they were shot .We had to google straight away to see if there would be another series , great to see there will be , I suppose we out here will have to wait forever to get to see it ,and will have to wait through endless repeats of two and a half men and garbage reality shows …thank god for the ABC out here ,at least we can get some great pommie shows out here , kudos to Gently and Bacchus great acting They go well together , can’t wait for the next series ( we don’t even mind repeats of quality shows)

  30. Thank Goodness the series will continue. I am a devoted and fan and must say each episode, just got deeper with both of these fine actors, coming together in their characters that they just seemed to bounce off each other.

    The writers I feel have taken this series to another level, where I have cannot remember seeing a series with such a strong development, and where two actors, have taken the characters to such great heights and during the filming seem to have “Become” those characters.

    Well done! Please keep the series coming!

  31. Surely that wasn’t the end of our favorite duo. Couldn’t wait to Google, & thanks BBC for a seventh series. from two Geordies in australia

  32. My husband and I were both concerned that Gently and Bacchus had both died in the Cathedral shootout, but am very pleased to learn that they haven’t been killed off. Thank goodness! We both love this cop show Thank you BBC. Keep this show going for many more years please!!

  33. Love this show and didn’t want to believe they died. Thanks so much and I am really looking forward to the new series. Jan Australia

  34. Just watched the last episode on ABC Australia iView. It’s a series that seems to develop, sharper, grittier, fabulous storylines and just superb acting from Mr Shaw and Mr Ingleby. Martin Shaw was a favourite thirty years ago in The Professionals. De rigeur viewing, 8:30 on a Friday night, Capris and Escorts everywhere. Very, very pleased to note that there is another series coming. Well done and worth waiting for.

  35. Great ..sooo glad that they didn’t end it on a sour note, brilliant series and looking forward to the next one.

  36. Inam so glad to find that we will be seeing series 7 because series 6 left me wondering if George and Baccus died.

  37. Thank God they are both still alive !! Thoroughly enjoyed watching the new series here in Australia – can’t wait for the next one.

  38. I agree with all this – but was the cathedral shootout the end of series 5 or the end of series 6. Lots of confusion out there

  39. So pleased that George Gently is coming back,
    it is one of the few really good t.v shows .

  40. I enjoyed all and every episode of George Gently and his side kick over time.The shoot-out in the Cathedral, left them both still alive, although -badly- wounded, but as they both were still “kicking” I felt in my heart that there sure would be a follow-up. So great to see that this will be so.Can’t wait for it to start.

  41. We are so pleased that a new series is on the way. Most upset when George and John were shot but comforted by their recovery……..especially the wife! Great series and top drama.

  42. Couldn’t bear the thought of no more George Gently and Bacchus. So pleased they recover and we can get some more of them. I love this show.

  43. Just finished watching Gently in the Cathedral and thank goodness my grandaughter suggested I google the series when she saw I was so upset by the ending. I was afraid it was the end of the series and am so glad there will be another season. Great show and characters. I look forward to each episode.

  44. To Craig from the United States: Netflix carries the first four seasons of George Gently – we streamed it through our Apple TV hookup. The last season, which is season 5, has been aired in the United States on public televisions stations. My husband and I love mysteries and this is one of the best. We live in New York City and we saw series 5, ending with “Gently in the Cathedral” on channel 21 (public television station – WLIW) on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. Maybe they will repeat it. We hope they will be showing the next season – - season 6 (not 7 as this article says) – - soon!

  45. New season six (6) airing in 2013.

    As LAGS states in her post above it’s season SIX that’s coming up, not seven (here’s hoping that’s the good news for next year!). The new season 6 catches up after the shooting in the cathedral, where season 5 ended so dramatically.

    As per IMDb there are four episodes:

    1. Gently Between the Lines
    – after the shootout Bacchus wants to resign. It’s 1968 and riots break out in a housing estate.

    2. Green for Greencoat
    – plot not yet known

    3. Gently Going Under
    – plot not yet known

    4. Gently from the Cold
    – plot not yet known

    Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long…. ;-)

  46. The joy of discovering a series like this after it has been shown on TV is that one can watch it all on DVD from beginning to end as a sort of mini-festival!
    That’s what we did, and loved every minute of it. Great stories, settings and acting. Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby have established a terrific partnership that feels so natural. I hope neither of them tire of the series and that it keeps going for as long as there are good stories to be told.

  47. I am addicted to this series – it stands out as a shining gem amongst the rubble of other police TV series – have loved Martin Shaw since ‘The Professionals’ and his acting just matures as superbly as he does. I am an ex-pat in California and am introducing all my local friends to John Bacchus and George Gently – long may this show continue, as I cannot think of anything I could replace it with.

  48. I watched the cathedral episode last night and had to google the series to see what happened. I’m relieved to know that they both survived. There have been several leading characters killed in series lately and I was afraid that Gently might be the next. The series is so well written. I never know what to expect next. I watch it on PBS channel in New Jersey.

  49. The news of a Season 6 made my day!! Gently and Bacchus ARE irreplaceable, as Lindsay says.

  50. So so happy. The 5th series has not long finished in Australia and I loved it. I had hoped that they’d be back! Yay!

  51. The 5th season finale – the shootings in the cathedral – is now airing on public TV in Washington, D.C. It’s good that they’ll be back. If I have a choice, I’ll always skip seeing Mr. Obama and watch Messrs. Gently and Bacchus instead!

  52. Thank God it was renewed. I just watch the last episode of season 5 (at least that what my local Los Angeles, Ca. PBS station calls it) and it would have been a ghastly ending for a series to see our heroes killed off by inspector Lewis evil twin . I love the retro look and feel of the series and I’m glad it has survived over the years . Hopefully it will be on for many more because the George Gently mysteries are all interesting and great TV.

  53. Like many others who have posted here, I was dismayed at the ending of the “Cathedral” episode, wondering if both of them died, so I went to my computer and started hunting to find an answer. I should have realized it was a season finale, the kind that leaves the audience hanging. Whew! Glad to hear this outstanding show will return for another few episodes. Really enjoy it. I will look for the first 4 seasons on Netflix.

  54. Phew. Just watched the Cathedral episode (here in California) and was worried there for a minute. Brilliant that we’ve got another season to look forward. This is one of the best police drama series I’ve ever seen.

  55. Yea for a sixth season, Everything Martin Shaw is in is just great, the BBC actors are cast so well.

  56. We are ready for Series 6 here in Seattle. So glad that Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) will be in the next series. We Yankees do not tend to get such complex plots in our shows as the last 2 episodes of Series 5.

    I like this series so much that I tried reading the original Alan Hunter books. The characters seem more rich in the series, so someone deserves some big credit. I do not understand filming enough to know how much of the credit goes to the screen writer vs the director vs the actors, but congrats to you all.

  57. Like all the people who have commented previously, we too fell in love with this show gradually but were totally shocked by the unexpected ending. Here in Dallas, the series was shown just recently by KERA and now we can only wait for the next series to be shown, whenever it happens.

  58. I too was glad to hear a 6th series was planned. I live in Durham and know the locations used in series 5 in particular, very well. Our entire village turned out to watch them film the scene where Bacchus ex-wife has her car searched at my neighbours house! Continuity was hampered by loud birdsong. The location team set up camp in our supermarket car park, where they stored the make-up van and vintage vehicles. We always know when they’re filming because bright signs start to appear on lamp posts directing the film units to locations. I can assure all you international fans that Durham Cathedral is the most magnificent building in England and 1,000 years old – it aint no stage set …. google it. County Durham is equally beautiful.

  59. This series is unrivaled in its brilliance. The scripts and dialog are so outstanding, so unusual in today’s dummed down television. The acting is superb.

    Keep them coming for years, BBC. You are the only provider of intelligent tv for thinking people. Love Foyle’s War and other shows to, but George Gently is at the top of the pack.

  60. Saw a repeat of the final of series 5 here on Mystery channel, Japan. Had to check if Gently and John Bacchus died or not. Happy to see they will go on.

  61. My husband and I have just watched the final episode on BBC Entertainment on DSTV. What a cliff hanger! My husband and I just had to know… Did they survive? Very pleased to hear they did. Looking forward to the next season ;-)

  62. Yaay I’m so glad to share in something so cool with others from around the world! I love George gently and am starting to think Bacchus a little less smarmy!! I think he is good at heart tho! Lol! I live in San Diego California and I absolutely revel in the lush scenery!! I can’t wait for season 6!!!

  63. Just watched final of 5 series could not belive they would die that way.
    So goggled glad to see there will be a series 6.
    Hope they show it hear in South Africa.
    Going to the UK in December will buy the series while i am there.

  64. I was so relieved to find there will be a season six of George Gently. I am so hooked on this series and the Characters of Bacchus and Gently and their ever evolving relationship. The writing of this series is brilliant. Kudos to BBC from Canada!

  65. Glad to hear there will be a season 6. I am a faithful fan of George Gently. I hope it doesn’t take too long to come out on DVD here in the States.

  66. Love, love, love the show. Am watching them all over again and can’t wait for the next series.
    Thank you so much.

  67. This is the best series ever.
    Am so into both Gently and Bacchus!
    Great characters portrayed by terrific actors. No one could do it better.

    Just cannot wait until the next season!!!

    Hope they just continue for a few more seasons as I will never tire of these characters.

  68. “Gently in Cathedral” is the very best crime drama I have ever seen on the telly. This George Gently episode was the best that British Television has to offer, and of course no one offers better programming than British Television. Ergo, you will not see any drama, anywhere, anytime, equal to this Season 5 “Gently” finale.

  69. I have only been able to watch this series on Netflix. Loved it so much that I just did a marathon ending with the last offered, Season 4. Googled to find out if there was a 5 and am thrilled to know there’s a 6 and possibly 7! Unfortunately, in the US a thoughtfully produced and written drama like this, with carefully drawn characters would have been gone after season three. Thank you BBC.

  70. I love love love this series. I’ve only been hip to it for about 2 months and last night 9/30/13 my husband I watched “Gentley in the Cathedral.” I totally freaked when both John and George were shot and it ended right there. But it’s the almost the end of 2013 so when are the new ones coming out???? Martin Shaw is awesome, handsome, loving, rough and gentleman. John is adorable. smart and very talented. I grew up on English programming and English mysteries are my all time favorite shows to watch on TV. Thanks Annette

  71. Just finished watching “Gently in the Cathedral” in Vancouver Canada. A very gripping, emotional episode of a most enjoyable drama. Superbly done! Had to google at completion of the episode. So pleased the series will continue.

  72. My husband and I just finished watching Gently in the Cathedral – we were so shocked at the ending, because we thought it was the series finale, not just the season finale! What did we do before Google? Because that’s the first thing we did after the stunned silence in the room! After reading (with much relief that there would be another season) through all the comments posted here, there seems nothing I can add, except to say that we heartily agree with what everyone has said. This is truly quality drama, superb in every aspect. Well done, cast, crew, and BBC – thank you – and please keep it going for your faithful fans!

  73. what a relief after googling and finding out that George and John did not die. Loved the comment from a previous post about Inspector Lewis’ evil twin. Now — did he go to George’s house to kill him? Strange that he did not knock and had a drawn gun. Opinions please. SO GLAD THAT THE SERIES IS RETURNING AND THEY DID NOT DIE !

  74. Am I the first Canadian to report shock and diselief at the apparent demise of Gently and Bacchus? As with all the other posters, I just had to Google the series this morning and find out more. I am glad to learn that both susrvived and another season is on the way. Durham Cathedral is indeed a masterpiece of costruction and will no doubt see even more tourists on site. It must have great fun for those choir boys to be part of the action.
    No one has mentioned another surprise in the last episode when ‘Inspector Lewis’ turned up as the villain of the piece. We are still enjoying ‘Lewis’ here thanks to PBS, Seattle.

  75. Hi, I just came across everyone’s post when I was scouring the internet to find the new air dates for the next series, Can anyone please tell us all when the next one will be. I think like most people we have withdrawal symptoms it’s so addictive.

  76. Best show on t.v. I saw the Cathedral show and then nothing. I was not a happy camper until I googled and found out, thank goodness, that there will be more. BBC shows are my mainstay in t.v. Almost every night there is something from BBC and it makes me very happy. No gimmicks, no special effects, just great actors in great rolls giving us good old fashioned entertainment. Thank you BBC. Don’t stop. Don’t think everyone on this side of the pond enjoys reality shows, and the other JUNK on the networks. In my book, the best stations are: PBS (thanks to BBC), Hallmark channel (51) and Turner Classic. That’s it. If I don’t watch these, then I watch a movie I recorded from Hallmark or Turner. I don’t understand Hollywood. They should watch what BBC gives us. Foyle’s War, Gently, Midsomer Murders, Masterpiece, come on folks get real. I look forward to seeing the rest of Gently. Thanks for listening.

  77. Just watched the last episode – in the Cathedral….what a cliffhanger that was – fabulous
    acting by the two main characters, as well as supporting cast. Canada loves this series
    and can’t wait to see the next one – keep up the good work – you are terrific actors and
    story tellers – and the direction is great also.

  78. How satisfying to everyone involved with the series, to read how so many people were moved beyond belief at the finale of series 5.

    Writing and acting were superb. I too, purchased a number of the original books, after watching this series, which , although enjoyable, did not bring the genuine pleasure that viewers have experienced , watching the adaptations.

    Bought the DVD,s. Can,t wait for series 6 to be shown. Don,t ever let it end.

  79. Thanks to Netflix for showing George Gently..handsome or what!! Waiting for next series, haven’t seen the Cathedral Episode yet. Thanks for one of the best Series ever.

  80. I love George Gently. The show presents a lot of social issues I didn’t even know existed in England. As usual the English do drama so well it’s almost embarrassing. Very glad Netflix has brought Season 5 to the streaming lineup.

  81. I was reduced to tears after watching the Cathedral episode. I love the characters & the actors. I’m so glad that both survived the ending of Season 5 and I will eagerly await Season 6 across the pond. Love the BBC programs & am grateful Netflix carries so many of the BBC series. Love Martin Shaw & watched the series Apparitions as well. Wish there were more episodes of it as well. Can’t get enough of Shaw. Thank you BBC & Netflix!

  82. I too get George Gently from Netflix and would watch each episode end to end, it’s that fantastic!! It’s worth every single second. So happy to know they both make it. Brilliant series!! Watching from the Houston, TX area and both guys are to absolutely die for!!

  83. I am an Iowan, and I love the rural English scenes. George is my hero. Not so msure about Bachus. I hope they bond next season, and that each has a real romance.

  84. This is one of my favorite shows of all times. I will be on pins and needles awaiting season 6 on Netfkix! Any idea how long that will take to get on?
    What a brilliant show! Brilliant writing/screenplay from the books and acting! It appears everyone involved in bring this to life is doing an incredible job.

    Love love love this series!

  85. We just love the George Gently series that we have seen so far. Thankful it is carrying on. Excellent acting, stories, scenery – everything about the show is great. I normally fall asleep on the couch but with George I am wide awake. Loved Kevin Whatley as the villain. Hopefully our PBS channel carries on with the next series.. Anne

  86. My wife and I have watched season 5 of Inspector Gently and were distraught to think that he and Sergeant Bacchus might have died at the conclusion of “Gently in the Cathedral.”

    So very glad to learn that there will be another series to follow! When will it be available for viewing in the Buffalo, NY area?

  87. Just saw the cathedral episode last night on our PBS station which feeds Toronto, Canada.
    So upset wondering if this brilliant pair of actors were going to die. Logged onto the site today and halleluja found that there will be another series. So glad, it is a wonderful show and really deserves to continue. Thank you BBC 1.

  88. Every Gently episode is so good and original, the acting is so superb and naturally believable. the interplay between Gently and Bacchus is a nice balance of generations and those two actors play those parts so well. We were stunned with the ending in ‘Gentle in the Cathedral’ and hard to believe it could end that way….high suspense! But glad to know they both survived to play another day. It could bring an added respect between them. US TV could learn a lot from this BBC series, but I really doubt it?
    Kudos to PBS from this fan in Ontario Canada.

  89. Absolutely brilliant, I thought that the series had ended when they were both shot in the church.I always looked forward to watching it, great series, keep it going

  90. So happy to have found this site after viewing “Gently in the Cathedral”. Relatively new, late to the series but very hooked here in Canada. It makes me wonder was his wife’s murder in any way linked to the corruption eg a reason to force his move away from the Met since he made no bones of his findings? I’ll have to backtrack.

    Thanks so much for TV worth watching!!!!

  91. I was so devastated by the ending to Season 5 that I RAN to the computer to see if they survived! I know there will be a wait before Season 6 hits the US, but I am breathing sighs of relief. I love both characters; kudos to Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby.


  93. Am delighted to see inspector George Gently, has another series, have bee waiting with bated breath here in Australia, the dinamic between Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby is wonderful, I am a child of the sixties and Lee has it down pat! Martin shaw as ever delivers on every level, brilliant series! Thank you to all.

  94. What a superb series. Cliffhanger on series 5 and glad to hear that both survived and will be back. I couldn’t believe the series finale! Looked forward to Thursday night TV but will have to wait for series 6. Thanks to the BBC and PBS!

  95. Hi everybody, I’m too, so pleased that George and John will survive. Can’t wait for S6. Does anyone know the air date in the UK??? Please let me know. I’m from Germany and I love to watch English series. Thank God, I can watch them on the Internet:-)))).

  96. Between the George Gentley and Midsomer Murder series on Netflix I have become addicted to each!! Can anyone tell me if Midsomer will return at some point? The last episode I saw Barnaby retired. So looking forward to Gently and Bacchus returning!!! Diane from Michigan USA

  97. Hello wondering when the new series is due to start .my hubby is in the opening seems so don’t want to miss it

  98. Take it from this black American woman, excellent show. I’m looking forward to Season 6. I have the whole family in great expectations the next season will be better than the last.

  99. great to see george gently being renewed ihope more will be on the way. down here western australia these shows are hard to obtain when will we see the next series on dvd.

  100. Hi this is my fav show since Midsummer with John nettles.
    The trouble is that here in Australia we are so far behind with cable TV Foxtel only showing the first series and the ABC the second.
    Just wondered if there is anyway we can get the later series as there is hardly any quality UK series shown in Aus only rubbish reality and really dark nasty crime films like Yorkshire Ripper and sitcoms from the US.
    Alas we cannot get Neflixt in Aus yet…seems we are still stuck in dark ages over here.

  101. I am sure i will have to wait for George and John to show up on Netflix here in the US. My sister found the show and we’re both hooked.
    So glad to find out they didn’t knock off poor John. He’s a naughty boy, very cheeky; but i love him.

  102. Luckily here in RIhode Island we get excellent BBC shows thanks to Boston PBSand our local RIPBS station. Unluckily we are way behind everyone else in viewing these episodes but we all had to run to google after the finale, didn’t we? And breathe a collective sigh of relief to know that John and George will be back. This is one of the best written detective series ever to come to television.

    We love this series. If you are in your mid fifties as I am, the Beatle haircuts make you nostalgic. Wonder if Ringo and Paul will join John and George :) And if you love this series you should find Scott and Bailey which if you have no PBS station should show on youtube, I believe.

  103. Just watched the church scene in which the Deputy Chief Inspector and his sergeant were shot. My wife and I were concerned that it might mark the end of the series and the presumed death of its stars. A bit of internet research said the series would continue. Thank you BBC for renewing a quality show with characters which have some depth. Can’t wait to see how their near-deaths will affect their personal and professional relationships. From the State of Rhode Island a sigh of relief.

  104. This is such an excellent series. I would love to see Season 6. Am so glad to learn they both survived to fight another day. When are we going to get it here??

  105. I do hope that WGBH in Boston will be carrying the next series of George Gently!!

    I’m so glad that Gently and his young Sgt, will not die!! When can we expect to have them return to WGBH?

    George Gently is a wonderful British series and Midsomer Murders is also wonderful!!

    I hope they will return to WGBH soon!!

    Thank you,
    Janet Bowers

  106. I am a US fan of George Gently dramatic series. Please let me know when this new episode is going to be aired in the US.
    Series Six and Season VI are confusing. What is marketed in the US as Series V is in Britain Series IV – or not.
    I am interested in purchasing the DVD

  107. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! We are thoroughly delighted for this good news :)

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