Leaked Document: Has Syfy’s ‘Alphas’ Been Renewed For Third Season?

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Update: I have just heard back from representatives of Syfy who are telling me that Alphas has not been renewed at this stage and no decisions have yet been made on the future of the series as it is “far too early” for such a decision.

Exclusive: According to an internal Syfy document leaked to TVWise (which can be viewed here), it would appear that the network has renewed its sophomore drama series Alphas for a third season. The document states that the show’s third season will consist of 13 episodes and will air in the 8pm time-slot on Monday nights, with the season premiere scheduled for July 15th, 2013 and the season finale scheduled for October 14th, 2013.

As with our previous articles on these leaked documents, I have been unable to independently confirm if the facts contained within them are 100% accurate and as such should be treated as rumour, although I have no reason to doubt the source who leaked said document to us. TVWise has also reached out to the network for confirmation, however, repesentatives of Syfy did not immediately respond to our requests for comment.

Created by Michael Karnow and Zak Penn, Alphas follows a group of humans with superhuman abilities, known as Alphas, who work for Dr Lee Rosen at the Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS) where they track down other Alphas who may pose a threat to themselves and others. Produced by Universal Cable Productions, the drama series stars David Strathairn, Ryan Cartwright, Warren Christie, Azita Ghanizada, Laura Mennell, Malik Yoba and Erin Way. The series has been a solid performer for Syfy and as such a renewal has been considered a lock.

This was one of several documents that was leaked to TVWise earlier this week. Other documents have seemingly revealed the premiere dates for Defiance & Warehouse 13 season 4.5, that Lost Girl has received a back nine order for its third season and that Rewind has been picked up to series. More to come…..

  • Judy Marsh

    Dear TVWise,
    Thank you for the update on Alphas!
    Alphas is one of the top five shows that
    the Syfy channel has ever created, and
    it is my favorite, because it is innovative, plus
    it combines perfectly drama, action and
    a little bit of comedy (mostly from Gary).
    Thank you again so much!

    Judy Marsh

  • Lynn

    You HAVE to renew this series!! HAVE TO DO IT!!! You can’t just leave me here cliffhanging!!! PLEASEEE!!!

  • oxlox

    I think that ALPHAS should be renewed!!! i never miss an episode. it is a good family mix of characters that,myself and my whole family enjoy.

  • Ricky

    I can see them not renewing it. I feel with all the other shows to compete with there still are not enough people watching this show. The only thing that will determine if this show is picked up for a 3rd (and most likely finale season) will be how well it did on ratings during this season and not the quality of the show itself. If they don’t renew it then for the love of God PLEASE! make a 2 hour movie and finish it. It’s an awesome show and it does not deserve to end with Gary standing around wondering if everyone is dead.


  • ryan cooper

    I think Alphas is a great show. Throughout the past few years I have watched many TV series. Even if Alphas is only renewed for 3 more episodes, I think it deserves the opportunity. By adding the show to Netflix and doing some advertising in different areas, the show has the potential to be even more successful.

  • dragonx

    people forget that we live in the age of video streaming and on demand most people watch there shows on the web now days they really need to start counting that too

  • Major M

    It’s such a great show, it would be a real shame to let it go. I felt so bad when Dr Rosen’s daughter, Dani was killed. I think Kathleen Munroe did such a super job playing the part…she was my favorite!! Hopefully soon we’ll get the news that it’s been renewed.

  • MomPatty

    Please, please, please renew this show! I only watch two shows per week, and this is one of them! Also, Dragonx is right…there probably are a lot of people who watch online. I think if it’s given a little more time, Alphas will be a great success!

  • Lianne

    I REALLY REALLY love this show, but due to my schedule I am forced to record them and sometimes it takes me awhile to get to my shows, but I DO get to them! I am eagerly awaiting the next season of Alphas, and would be heartbroken if it’s canceled. Alphas is a great show and with so many “reality” (crap) shows out that seem to go on forever, I would hate to see them give up on this truely entertaining show too soon!

  • Bob

    Sci-Fi Shows need time to work, Alpha’s , is just getting good. I mean think what a network would have if they let Firefly continue, and yes Terra Nova was expensive yet the set was made, a large part of the cost of the show, and they killed it just as it was getting good. It seems to me that Network Executives don’t think before they act!
    Soon all we will have is stupid one room sitcoms, or much worse more, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! TV will be dead, a thing of the past!

  • bruce

    Some sort of resolution is necessary for Alphas; if all Alphas abilities were supposed to be enhance by Stanford Parrish’s device that went of in Grand Central Station……and given that Gary is an ‘alpha’ why wasn’t he affected? The ending for God’s Eye’ realy looked to be a setup for either a series continuation or a follow on movie. if not it was really a poorly written ending.

  • Joe

    I really hope alphas is picked up for a new season, I love syfy, and I watch alphas and wh13, I also like the movies y’all play, but it’s just not right to leave us is suspense about that cliff hanger, so please renew alphas

  • Ingrid

    Lost. Girl-Alphas-Warehouse 13. My favorite shows !!!!! Bets out network shows by a land slide. Please renew them all….

  • Jeanne

    I just started watching Alphas a few months ago when I saw a clip BY ACCIDENT. I’m not a TV watcher, so I don’t see advertisements unless they’re online. I LOVE THIS SHOW…and am sure there are a ton of people like me that will be late comers to the show…that would be interested in seeing all the episodes online, and be loyal fans through more seasons because of it. This is a great show….just not being marketed to its potential.

  • http://www.bestplacesinitaly.com Trevi

    They should renew Alphas for the third season, the show is awesome and all the characters are great, I like them all and I’m still watching the second season…

  • Guest

    Later seeing of ALPHAS show, this was a great show. The current ending leave to follow apsects:
    1. Totally finish, with thinking about of
    2. Totally finish, with some things knowing:
    – Normal People die about the energy spottings
    – ALPHAS will die about high ernergy preasure, if they are near the source (like Dani)
    – The lightnings will grow the ALPHAS featureabilities, after a time of dark sleeping (like Rachel)
    – Gary is not like the other ALPHAS, because he is an autism, so he did not react of lights
    and he was out of the energy running area, so he lives !
    3. Questions for 3rd season:
    – How will the full team get to living, or did someone really die like the the FBI-Team ?
    – Does Parish get to live again ?
    – How will Dr. Rosen saved, because he lost lot of blood (shock as blood stop answer) ?
    – What with the features of the then living ALPHAS, after their wakeups ?
    – What the now primary enemy (Stanton again) or the other come-on ALPHAS group(s) ?

    4. What story aspects could be possible in third season:
    – Influence to the ALPHAS childrens and their situations
    – World of ALPHAS wake up
    – A new critical 1st Enemy, with some new tryouts between humans and ALPHAS worldwide
    – Skyler mistakes of creating good things to be bad via use of enemy ALPHAS
    – Public reactions of geting involved about existing ALPHAS
    – Government internals, who try to create a makeover (putsch) to destroy humans and ALPHAS
    => Rosen-Group + ALPHAS + Humans together agains the government putscher
    – Emotions between the actors and their live situations
    – Partime lost of featureabilities of Rosen-Team
    – Round-Robin-of-ALPHAS features between ALPHAS / humans
    – Cases are solved with ALPHAS as victims
    – new ALPHA features ( fly, invisible, telekinesis, devices influencer, brain reader, stretching, …)
    – more dramatics situations
    – Rosen-team has a holiday with all people (family, friends, Mother, ) togehter to get stronger

    Thats only some parts of favour, that i think, about an option of a new season.

    Thanks and with best regards

  • Bob Beaster

    Alphas was one of my favorite shows, and will greatly missed, it was one of my top ten shows.

  • Guest

    Producers are idiots to cancel great shows like Alphas because they don’t realize that show typically hit their stride in their second season. And to cancel it with a cliffhanger like the one for Alphas is absolutely horrible. And to think they could have made the first episode of the third season start off with Dr. Rosen waking up with the rest of the team to realize that he is an alpha, possibly with the same ability as Dani Rosen since he two is good with reading people’s emotions and he had an addiction to antidepressants like Dani.

  • Ellen Marino

    Wow! How could you even think of leaving poor Gary among the throngs of the dead? Get real. You need to create a third season. I love this show and am very disappointed in the station’s decision.

  • Shirley Goetz

    I do not watch TV but I do watch movies on Roku/Netflix. I just happpened to come across Alphas in their listings of TV shows and thought I would see what the heck it was. I love it. I love Gary, he is great! If they ever took him off it would not be the same.

    DO NOT cancel this program I watched all Season 1 in marathon way and Season 2 was not on Roku/Netflix. One day I noticed that Alphas had 2 new episodes, the marathon started again for me. I am 73 and science fiction is not usually my “bag” but I absolutely love this program. Keep them on PLEASE!!!!! Don’t forget about those of us who do not watch on regular TV. I know many educated people who love this program but they have to watch on their time schedule so use Roku/Netflix.