Channel 5 Closes Deal To Acquire UK Rights To Sons Of Anarchy Season Five

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Exclusive: I have just learned that Channel 5 has closed a deal with 20th Century Fox Television Distribution to acquire the exclusive first run UK broadcast rights to the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy for its 5USA channel.

Details of this are coming in a little late, but sources familiar with the deal tell me that it includes a clause preventing 5USA from broadcasting the show’s fifth season until 2013; thereby guaranteeing that US broadcaster FX will have the global premiere for the show’s fifth season, which is due to premiere in the United States this fall. I’m also told that the UK premiere for the show’s fifth season is tentatively penciled in for late January or early February.

Created by Kurt Sutter, Sons of Anarchy stars Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Jr, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, Maggie Siff & Ron Perlman and follows the daily lives of the SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original) biker gang. The drama series is produced by FX Productions, 20th Century Fox Television and Sutter Ink, with Kurt Sutter, John Linson, Art Linson, James D. Parriott and Paris Barclay serving as executive producers. FX has already renewed Sons of Anarchy for a sixth season, with an option for a seventh, as part an overall development deal that Sutter signed with 20th Century Fox Television and FX Productions back in February.

TVWise will bring you the UK premiere date for the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy just as soon as it is announced by 5USA.

  • Ally

    Whats the point of delaying the release in the UK for 6 months after the US? By that time most people will have watched it online or have seen so many spoilers from facebook pages that it will make no difference.

    America really should stop worrying about whether something gets shown over there first. You don’t see Doctor Who and Sherlock getting massive delays going over to the US just so the UK can see it first. I watched the Walking Dead Season 2 on FX UK recently and friend was constantly ahead of me because he watched it online as soon as it aired. Why didn’t FX secure SOA for FX UK at the same time?

    This is something that continually annoys me about the US, you hear about the “hit US show” coming to the UK and then find out that it’s been out for over a year or more…

  • calvin

    Same here that’s why I just watch it on TV links the day after it airs in the us totally agree fx uk should have it. then they’d be less NCIS and family guy repeats

  • casper

    because they are fucking nuts

  • Tinkerman

    This is the stupidest deal they could ever have done, Channel 5 is a commercial station and would benefit from the increased advertising revenue generated by showing the series as soon as possible. What is going to happen is that everyone who wants to watch season 5 will watch on line and then ignore it when aired on TV. If the advertising execs want good product placement in the commercial break they will realise that SOA has most probably been watched by its target audience and therefore the premium price of placing an ad in the commercial breaks is not worth the money. I
    ts stupid deals like this that make me wonder why the idiots who were in a position of power to make this deal got their jobs.

  • Haybop

    I hate the gap between showings, I always inadvertently end up catching a spoiler or two (as has already happened for one of the SOA S5 storylines)!
    Also it annoys me as I appear to be one of the few people who’d rather wait for shows like this to be shown on TV than go online (not a complete luddite but it’s my preference) so the wait is just too long!
    Why is there a need for American shows to be shown in America so long before they’re released anywhere else anyway? I’ve started getting into a show only to find that it was cancelled over there before it even started here!!

  • tara james

    what the hell (5USA) are gonna make no money on this, why put this out in 2013, season 5 of S.O.A. will be out on DVD or itunes bye then, and if they do put this on in 2013 it will be in september. no dout netflix will show this befor it ends up on the T.V

  • John Gee

    The UK “networks” need to get a grip. I agree with 99% of everything above. The UK need to get tougher on the US networks & tell them not to be so damned precious about their shows. Ch 4 can do it for “The Good Wife” and ER before with the shows running 1-2 weeks behind the US. I strongly suspect the former may well be because of ‘Scott Free’ (Ridley & Tony Scott – [RIP Tony thoughts & prayers to his wife, sons brother & family; already missed Dude]) being the show’s Producers. Also think CH4 have better buyers too? American football shown simultaneously over here. Sky showed “The Newsroom” practically inside seven days I think of the US but then were dealing with HBO. ‘They’ could make a greater profit by cutting out marketing duplication. It stinks. I have f & f in the US I’ll probably end up buying the SOA on disc regardless ASAP after release in US. Come on Ch 5 “grow a pair”…

  • Aaron S

    I’m an American who just moved to the UK and this delay ANNOYS ME BEYOND WORDS! I’ve already seen the first two eps of Season 5. Now I have to wail til Feb of 2013??

    This happens with Top Gear UK airing in the U.S. though. We don’t get the latest season of Top Gear on BBC America until 6 months or more after its aired throughout the UK.

    Ohhh welll.

  • delvin

    I to think its wrong that we have to wait why cant it be shown
    all the same time it so unfair