Exclusive: Fox Close To Renewing Fringe For Fifth And Final Season

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Exclusive: Fox is close to renewing Fringe for a fifth and final season, TVWise has learned. For the past couple of months, Fox has been having discussions with Warner Bros. Television about the future of the low rated series. Sources familiar with said discussions tell me that, while there are still a few points that need ironing out, a deal for a fifth and final season of 13 episodes is expected to be reached within the next few weeks.

I’m told that one issue that has been resolved is the length of this fifth and final season; with WB initially pushing for a full season of 22 episodes, while Fox expressed that they would be more comfortable with a “limited episode order” of 7 – 13 episodes, which would get the show close to or past the 100 episode mark required for syndication. Another issue that has been widely reported on is Fox’s licensing fee for the series. I’m told that WB has offered Fox “a substantially lower” fee for the fifth season. As such, insiders tell me that they expect Fox to announce the renewal of Fringe for a fifth and final season of 13 episodes in the coming weeks.

This news will come as a relief to fans of the series, which has had a hard time in the ratings for its last two seasons. The latest episode of the sci-fi series attracted a mere 3 million viewers and a 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic in live+same day. With those numbers, most shows would be looking at certain cancellation, but the amount of money Warner Bros. stands to make from off-network syndication deals is the driving force behind the series’ future. The only real question that still needs to be answered is will we see an announcement before the network’s upfront presentation in May?

  • Ayutateishi

    Renew it already, Fox. For a full 22-episode season.

    Fringe is a great, great show. A lot of people would be so happy.

  • Kerri

    I wish they’d just give us a full season but I’ll take 13 over none.

  • Russ Garber

    It is a wonderful show consisting of amazing actors and great story telling with a very loyal fan base worldwide…Both FOX and Warner Bros. already know this. Give the show and its fans the respect it deserves with another season to enjoy…

  • Lee Keels

    A lot isn’t enough, Ayautateishi. Those people should have been watching and promoting. It’s too late now.

  • Candace Coles

    I agree Lee Keels. People are whining now, but their behinds should have at least been in front of the set instead of channel surfing to places like Supernatural or that Grimm fairy tale crap, thinking they could watch Fringe on DVR.

    Now, the show’s ending.

  • Kayzer

    @ Lee Keels: Some of us does not live in the USA and cant watch it on the original airing, does not mean we dont love the show.

  • TMH

    Damn, just 13 episodes. I would like to see at least 18. What a great show.

  • Briggs

    Lee Keels, perhaps those people were watching but don’t have a Nielsen box… that’s the real problem with the rating system. People aren’t truly represented. It’s easy to say people aren’t watching…

  • Drakan

    I have been trying to get friends and family to watch this gorgeous show (with some success, but that’s neither here nor there), but no one I know has a neilson box, or even a DVR, therefore, any viewership I try to get to watch the show doesn’t matter since it doesn’t count at all, and any Hulu ratings (if we can call it that; dunno what else would fit) aren’t all that important.

    I’ll say it time and time again – they need to find a far better way to getting tallies or numbers of who watches the show, live, online, dvr’d, or what, because I’d bet all my limbs that there’s bound to be more than just 3 million people who watched Fringe live last week.

  • tropolite


    ‘…which has had a hard time in the ratings for its last two seasons…’ Well Duh! It was a couple seasons ago that Fringe was shunted off to the dead Friday night slot.

    Haven’t these network execs learnt yet?? Jeez.

    Case in point, Finder has just moved across to Friday nights and lost well over half its audience!

    If these execs want to get numbers for Friday – put one of those ‘reality shows’ in the slots. See what happens then.

  • Chris

    @candance coles
    Supernatural has it’s audience it’s been on for 7 years going on a 8 season.
    In maybe if our fans of Fringe been watching live like others show we wouldn’t be in the mess.
    Blame the DVR nuts from Fringe with a 2.0 but then come back with 0.9 demo live.

  • Brian Marino

    God, I hope this is real. Also, I really hope that if this happens, the producers/creators know going in “This is our last season” and decide to give us a proper ending.

  • David

    No nielsen box or dvr and your viewership doesn’t count. I am on a Navy ship and thousands watch on the ships network but again we don’t count……its a broken system and doesn’t truly represent the Fringe fanbase.

  • Candace Coles

    I’m so sad… waiting is the hardest thing to do on a Monday